Hello there! I am Holly Montagnon an entrepreneur , food enthusiast , interiors junkie and a magpie for print and pattern.  I set this blog up whilst I was studying at university and now I am a fully fledged graduate running my own business living in my own home with my boyfriend, our beautiful dachshund and gorgeous grey cat! I feel so grown-up writing that.

This is my tiny space of the world wide web to show you what I'm loving, share recipes, create memories and thrown in the odd holiday snap. So sit back grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy an insight into my world .


Holly x

2 comments on "ABOUT ME"
  1. Aw, I loved this <3 It's lovely getting to know someone better because you get to understand who they actually are :) Lovely to meet you hun!

    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous! You should do vlogging if you haven't already. Really loving your blog. Have a great week!