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10 Thing's I have learnt in 10 Months of Motherhood

Saturday, 28 April 2018

1. Who said at 6 months they start going through the night? Apologies to the pregnant lady reading this but that is utter bullshit.

2.  Children are like fine wines or cheeses oooft they get better with age...roll on the day he can use the toilet by himself.

3. Instagram tells porkies. Motherhood is 4 day old greasy hair, jam stained joggers and snot stained tops. All the glam all the time!

4.  Your faith in sisterhood is restored! The love and TMI details shared in a circle of mum's is real.

5. You may not want to but you will start to talk with a ring to your voice whenever and whoever you talk to. How annoying right?!

6. Remember that really annoying relative at Christmas who would continuously say "oh haven't you grown" "oooh you have changed so much"...this will be you. But really it is astonishing how these babies become little people oh so quickly.

7. Breast or Bottle? No one gives a shit and the ones that do tell them to shove off #fedisbest

8. Babies are ill and you will google the symptoms. Don't believe google.

9.Meal times are a battle, they want to throw everything around or just not open their mouths. Que Peppa Pig on the laptop and a packet of quavers.

10. You know best!