It's Smear-ly Nothing But Means Alot

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

I was shitting myself about my first smear. Yes, I may have had a baby on eight months ago and undergone a whole host of prods and probes in the process but something about being scraped, scratched and smeared just freaked me out.

With this post I want to put to bed all your smear fear as really ladies it is a mere tickle. There are no large metal scraping implements (as I had dreamt up the in the week leading up to the test) it is just a teeny tiny silicon pastry brush that tickles the top of the cervix. It feels like you need a wee for all of 2 seconds, don't worry you won't actually wee! I have the weakest bladder out there so I would know if it was going to cause some sort of Tena lady moment.

And with that it's over... simples. I wish that I had known how easy and as far as these things go uninvasive the test would be. So , I hope this short but sweet post helps you break your smear fear and book in that test, preventing cancer is so important and if you don't go you just never know.

Smear testing is offered to women aged 25-64 in England, United Kingdom. When you hit 25 you will have a letter come through to remind you to book it in as well as a booklet of information. If you get to 25 and you haven't recieved the information contact your local GP.

As I am in no way medically trained this is just an account of my personal experience, if you have any real questions about cervical screening then head over to the NHS website
8 comments on "It's Smear-ly Nothing But Means Alot"
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