Holiday in your own County

Thursday, 11 January 2018

A common misconception when you go to book a holiday is that you are looking to "go away" when infact what you are looking for is to put your feet up and get away from your everyday.

So with that in mind we are holidaying within our own County of Norfolk. With a not very well travelled a six month old, a mama going solo and a car packed to the brim it was with great comfort that I knew we only had about a 40 minute drive till we were on our holidays.

My mum treated us to a beautiful cottage in Holt by Barefoot Retreats which had all the mod cons as well as very instagramable decor, white fluffy robes and the most comfortable beds I have ever stayed in!  Gone where the mundane tasks of hoovering,washing and cooking replaced with great restaurants round the corner and freshly turned down sheets all on my door step.

Holt is a beautiful town in Norfolk with a great array of shops and eateries including a personal fave Byfords Cafe (it's a must go if your here). Only 5 miles from the stunning North Norfolk coast and seal trips at Blakeny it really does offer town,country and seaside in one luxurious package! 

So take the stress out of the great get away and start seeing what's round your corner....
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