Antenatal support

Sunday, 28 January 2018

When I began this venture into motherhood I had a complete phobia of hospitals, even saying the word made my palms sweat. So, finding myself pregnant I knew this meant an abundance of appointments with some undoubtedly at the hospital not to mention the big day.
So I looked for an alternative for coping with the pain and my medical phobia. This is when my midwife suggested Hypnobirth (available on the NHS in Norfolk, which is fab). Immeadiatly all I could think of is those awful smelling insense, wide legged trousers that everyone who's been to Thailand own, and my mum's earth loving friend with hairy armpits. Who once took all my street cred away with one big wave at my local swimming baths when I was about 14.
However in fact I couldn't be more wrong what I found was not only coping strategies for labour but a network of women who I now meet up monthly with to discuss,moan and giggle about this journey called motherhood.
Finding support at antenatal gave me such confidence just the back up of another opinion (in our case 5 others) makes you feel like your doing the right thing. We have talked all things breastfeeding,bottle feeding,poo,sleep and all the other cliche mothering topics but my god what a support it has been! Forget the health visitor and her text book advice (don't completely forget her but you get my jist) the real helping hand come in the form of other women in similar situations.
So if your about to pop, found out your newly pregnant take up those cringy parenting classes where you squeeze knitted boobs and hold up photos of ring worm because I can tell you the support and advice from the fellow knitted boob squeezers is invaluable and has saved my sanity on many occasions!
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