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Week Four

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Where have the last 4 weeks gone? During my pregnancy it seem to take an age to get from one month to the next and now he's here it's gone in a blink.
The first four weeks of motherhood have been a rollercoaster but I can honestly say I have never been happier.

The Month Round Up

We have been discharged from midwife care, it took a while as he struggled to gain weight but we got there and it felt like an end of an era as I have continuously looked forward to the next appointment throughout the pregnancy.
Also on a medical note Archie has his tongue tie snip which was a little disturbing to watch as a mum but now he feeds like a dream. So any mamas out there awaiting the refferal, don't stress it takes seconds and they soon forget about it!

Talking of feeding we are still continuing our breastfeeding journey which is well, ... time consuming to say the least. I have also started to introduce a little formula to top Archie up after feeds and so that if we're out or I'm away from him he has some form of food.

Mum groups...yes I have braved the mum groups! It totally feels like some sort of strange first date but it is so worth it. It gets you out the house, gives the babies a chance to socialise and you a chance to have a hot cuppa and share some experiences with other mums. So if your sat here reading this thinking you haven't actually ventured out in the last two weeks (it happens when your sole focus is your little bean) then look up local classes online and get out there I promise it's not as scary as you think and it will do you both the world of good.

Archie's development this month, he is so much more alert he has started to really open his eyes and take in everything around him, although his favourite activity is to stare at my stripy tops on the washing line (easily pleased). He has also started to happily self soothe himself to sleep if he's sleepy enough and is loving his bath times. But pretty much at this age all the do is sleep ... just not at night.

Next month I'm looking forward to...

- A bit more sleep

- Maybe a smile appearing?