Surviving Life with a Newborn

Friday, 23 June 2017

The first few days and weeks are already blurring into one, and with some of our first days spent in hospital (all explained in labour & delivery part 2, when I feel I can write about it) I'm trying to savour every moment. But there is no doubt about it, having a baby is a huge life change so here's a few tips that have helped keep my sanity over the past week and a half.

So new mamas and mums to be listen up...

1. Get dressed Everyday
With your baby crying in your ear or constantly attached to your boob getting dressed becomes a luxury. It is so important to not just slum it in your pjs, otherwise your life will just blur into one. I'm not talking about throwing on a scruffy pair of trackies, pull out the maternity jeans and treat yourself to a few new feeding tops or tops if bottle feeding. Online shopping is a god send!

2.Eat Well
Becoming obsessed with someone else's feeding routine means often forgetting about yourself. However, it's more important than ever to be fuelled up especially when running on little sleep. Preparing a three course meal is near on impossible, but investing in some wholesome ready meals is the way through the first few days. We particularly liked the Charlie Bingham range! Order them online & get them delivered to your door! 

3. Salt Baths
Having just pushed out your beautiful baby into the world your downstairs region may not be looking just so beautiful, and feeling rather sore. I found that once little one is settled in the evening (pass them over to dad) running a hot bath full of salt really helped to soothe and repair down there. It's also a great time out period in the day even if it's just for 5 mins. 

4. Get Dad or Family to change your bedsheets.
Nothing beats clean bed linen and when your eyes are stinging at 3am trying to get the baby to latch or finish a bottle at least do it in the most comfort. I also think that fresh sheets make you sleep better, so at least the hours in between your getting a good sound sleep.

5. Leave the House
Even just to post a letter! A bit of fresh air and a good waddle is good for not just you but for your little one too. There are some studies that suggest fresh air helps babies to sleep longer, and no new parent will pass on that! It may feel like a military operation to get out the door but persist it will make you feel so much better.

Let me know your tips for adapting to newborn life in the comments.

3 comments on "Surviving Life with a Newborn"
  1. I can only imagine what you go through in your routine life. And here I can't even get out my bed without crying for twenty minutes straight. P.S your baby is so cute, lots of love.

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