Pink Vanilla Cupcakes

Saturday, 17 June 2017

I am a sucker for a good looking cupcake, but sometimes they do look better than they taste so I set myself the task of producing 'blog worthy' cupcakes that not only look all of the pretty but taste just as good and here is the finished result.
I am by no means an expert baker and with a baby on the way my baking days will be even more less frequent than what they are now. But I find it so relaxing and satisfying not to mention spoon lickingly good to sit down for an hour and bake. So I decided to come up with a summer friendly, BBQ taking tasty treat of my Pink Vanilla Cupcakes.

What you will need:

Makes a dozen 

For the Sponge

4oz  Baking Butter/Margarine
4oz Caster Sugar
3 Medium Sized Eggs
4oz Sived Self Raising Flour
2 Tblsp of Vanilla Extract

For the Icing

4oz High Fat content unsalted butter
6oz Icing Sugar
4 Tblsp Whole Milk (Semi will do)
A dot of Pink Food Colouring


Preheat the oven to 180C Fan or 300°F-320°F or Gas mark 2-3

I am a fan of the get all the ingredients in the mixer and switch on, I find that this makes the best consistency for the cake batter (I'm not just a lazy baker, I promise!). So once I have my ingredients measured out I pour them all into my mixer and leave to mix for about 6-7 mins, keeping a close eye on it so it's not too lumpy or to sloppy. I learnt this from my mum who I think learnt it from a Mary Berry book!

Then spoon the mixture evenly into the 12 cupcake cases.

Bake in the oven for 17-22 mins keep checking towards the end but don't open the oven door that's how you create sinkers!

Leave to cool on a wire rack whilst you prepare the icing.

For The Icing

Cream the butter for 5 mins on a medium whisk until it is pale and about doubled in size. Then add half the icing sugar and beat slowly until creamed, then add the rest of the icing sugar and beat untill fluffy and whippy (usually take about 5-6 mins on medium speed). Add in the milk and colouring until it is creamy yet stiff and not going to droop all over your cakes.

Next take a piping bag and desired nozzle, I used just an open hole one. Pipe the icing on and decorate with strawberries,raspberries, white chocolate,sprinkles ... whatever is in the fridge or back of your cupboards to create these tasty little treats!

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