Labour and Delivery Story

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Having read what feels like every labour and delivery story post out there it is finally my turn to share my experience. Grab a cuppa (& a tissue in my case, damn those post pregnancy hormones) and here goes.

We had had dinner with family in North Norfolk and the ride home was full of bumpy country lanes. As we drove home I joked that it was enough to put we into labour... little did I know.

We got home about 9pm and I had a few Braxton Hicks which I was getting most nights so didn't think anything of it and had an early night.
I woke up at 3am and was still having Braxton Hicks (or so I thought) so I got Tom to grab my birthing ball and just bounced on it over the side of the bed. I was still pretty comfortable, although the pains were coming in intervals. From then we started to time them but they were pretty inconsistent. I then for some mad reason remembered I had left the kitchen in a bit of a mess so I started frantically cleaning. By this time I was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable but not painful. All I can remember is cleaning a bit then hunching over the worktop, breathing through the cobtractions. My waters were leaking but I never had the Hollywood gush and quite frankly with all the pressure down there I just thought I was leaking urine (lovely). I then called the Midwife Led Birthing Unit who said to stay at home and call back later on. So I ran a bath and put on the hypnobirthing music. Tom fed we two pieces of toast, banana and an ice lolly in between contractions and I was constantly drinking water. I then rotated from bouncing on the ball to being in the bath (our bathroom was a state by the end of it). The contractions were coming quick and strong so I got Tom to call the unit again as they were lasting 57seconds 1-2mins apart. The lady on the phone said it was time to go in. Tom grabbed all our stuff and I put my maxi dress on and got in the car. I kept my headphones in the whole time listening to my hypnobirthing, with all the windows wound down. It was fine driving along, just any traffic lights made the contractions more uncomfortable.
We got to the hospital at 7:30am and parked up. We walked to the reception and I remember struggling and thought I'm going to have to crawl there any moment but kept going. We had no idea where we were going but luckily a nurse found us and took us to the unit as I was hunched over the reception desk. All I can remember is telling her if forgot to put my bra on (most random, labour is a funny thing).
When we arrived outside the unit I was having very intense contractions, and a lovely midwife came and took me in from the corridor. She took me in and showed us to our room which was all set out with candles, music and a pool just what I had wanted.
I then met my amazing midwife Zoe (I get so emotional thinking just how kind she was to me, especially in the aftermath of the birth). She had to examine me and see how far I had dialated as well as check my blood pressure, temperature and baby's heart rate. She did her examination and to both our amazement I was 10cm and ready to push. I really do think that the hypnobirthing techniques keep you so calm that others around you may think you are less dialated than you are.
The student Ellie put the hot tap on and warmed the pool whilst Zoe and Tom got me ready. The warm water instantly look the edge off the contractions. I didn't really feel this overwhelming urgency to push but with Zoe's help I started and could feel my baby start to come out and down. It's the most amazing and weird feeling in the world, to me it really did feel like having a huge poo, it all seemed to be in my bum (side note - I did not actually poo in my labour). Waiting for the contractions to come so I could push seemed an eternity a complete contrast to them feeling like they were coming all the time. I was pushing for 40 mins with encouragement from Zoe and Tom. Tom held a flannel on my head as I was hot and had my hand. I remember looking at the clock at 08:20 and Zoe telling me I'll have this baby by 9am! 
Then out he came! At 08:49 he floated in the pool and then Zoe passed him up to me! He was very grey and didn't cry for ages, however they say waterbirth babies are calmer. He did eventually cry and it was amazing, Tom was crying but I think I was in shock especially as he was so big at 10 pounds having measured small in my pregnancy! 
Zoe clamped and cut his cord in the pool and then gave me the injection for the placenta. I passed the baby to Tom whilst I lay on the bed and out came the placenta which was swiftly taken away. Tom then passed the baby back to me where we had skin to skin, we just lay there for a couple of hours but it went by so quickly. It was the most amazing experience.

It was then time to be stitched up which I have to say is pretty sore. Any pregnant ladies out there the wee afterwards is the worst bit! Ouch! 

Once I was stitched up, we were left for hours as a family enjoying skin to skin and taking photos. I can't even talk about it without welling up! 

Then it was time for the babies tests and this is where things started to turn a little pear shaped for us. Due to his size (he's over the 90th percentile) so his blood sugar levels had to be monitored. He then started to fail other tests such as the oxygen in his body so it was a case of wheeling him sharpish up to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I want to write a whole other post on having a special care baby so I think I will leave it there for this one.

I want to say that I loved giving birth it was an amazing experience and wish I could relive it over and over. Everyone is so quick to share a horror story, but I found it empowering and loved every second.

For any ladies expecting or trying for a baby soon, I highly recommend the Hypnobirthing course offered on the NHS it really was the key to my calm birth.

Lastly a huge thank you to Zoe,Ali and Ellie who delivered our baby boy, Archie. The best day of my life.

Any spelling,grammer or mistakes .. cut me some slack I've had little sleep and I'm a new mama!
3 comments on "Labour and Delivery Story"
  1. Archie is hands down the cutest kid Ive seen. He is like a super adorable munchkin. I love your blog posts about motherhood!

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