Planning a Baby Moon

Monday, 13 February 2017

So with the big day only 17 weeks away I thought it was about time I looked at a getaway for me and the man for some real quality time before we enter sleepless nights and carting everything barr the kitchen sink out with us!

I scoured pinterest and the look of idyllic tropical beaches with fresh coconuts looks amazing and a dose of sunshine would definitely not go a miss. However, with the growing list of expensive baby parafinalia, tropical islands are out the budget! So I have started searching a little more close to home. 

Websites such as Thomson, Last as well as Ryanair and Air BnB offer some fantastic budget breaks to Europe. I am that if we decide to fly off somewhere I will choose a city that would be all rather tricky with a pushchair somewhere like Budapest, Venice or Barcelona are up there on my list of destinations. 

Another option is to stay close to home and explore some of the Great British Coastline, I live in Norfolk so the beaches are close by and there are some great offers on cottages especially in the winter season. Although I know we will do a lot of exploring of Great Britain once the mini arrives, there is something nice about doing it all at your own pace!

As you can see I am still stuck on what to book, so please leave me ideas in the comments as well as where you have been on your baby moons?


3 comments on "Planning a Baby Moon"
  1. Lolz I have been to my mom place for baby moon as my doctor prescribed me complete bed rest. But you please go somewhere with your hunk and enjoy your life as your life is gonna be change 360 degrees after the arrival of little bub.

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