Hitting the Nursery Slopes....The Ski-Essentials #MarkWarnerMum

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

So with all the baby moon planning it has got me thinking about holidaying once the little man arrives and to be honest it had me striking off every kind of holiday we love doing...UNTILL I came across Mark Warner Holiday's website.

Tom and I are avid skiiers and have been going every year since forever, but with a new baby arriving early summer I kind of hadn't thought past his arrival and I definitely thought the skiing days where on pause for at least the next five years. How wrong I could be! Mark Warner holidays seem to have everything covered from in chalet creches with British nannies who even cover the ski school drop off and collection for when they are a little older and for the littelies they have one nanny to every two babies your little ones will not have their routine broken! This also gives us adults a chance for some child free slope action with peace of mind that they are in good care!

So here are my Top 10 Ski-ssentials For a Great Child friendly Time!

1. Muddy Puddles Baby Ski-suit 
An essential for keeping the little one warm and toasty in the snowy scenery, and who doesn't love an extra cute print.


2. JoJo Maman Bebe Pocket High Chair

The perfect packable go anywhere highchair, straps on to most dining chairs so is perfect for travelling and dining in all your fave spots.


3. Eucerin Sun Protection 50+

Despite the frosty air the sun is strong up the mountains so this Eucerin sensitive 50+SPF is perfect for all the family.


4.  LittleLife Adventure Carrier

Uneven terrain and peaking mountains means that sometime the pushchair is just a no go for all those other times the Littlelite Adventure Carrier is perfect. Just pop them on your back, easy to use and lets be honest they will be getting some pretty awesome views.


5. Moon Boots For Mumma

Pram pushing and baby wearing means that there is a lot of on foot action going on for mum and dad. A pair of snow boots is essential for keeping a tight grip and complete comfort when wondering the icy paths of the mountains.


6. Cybrex Priam All Terrain with The Ski Adapters 

Take your pushchair from quaint ski towns to flying down the slopes with the amazing Cybrex Priam and ski adapters. This nifty little gadget allows the pushchair to be converted into your own little snowmobile.



7. Your Little One's Favourite Toy to make them feel at Home

For those times you drop them off with Mark Warner's experienced nannying team it's always worth having a little home comfort to make them feel at ease.

Jellycat Penguin

8. Polarn O. Pyret Baby Ski Thermals

Build up layers for ultimate warmth in those freezing conditions. Polarn O. Pyret have a great range of unisex options.


9. Baby Sunglasses complete with Strap

With strong UV rays it's important to not forget to protect their eyes, always choose a pair with a strap to avoid them getting lost or dropped!


10. Johnsons Moitorising Baby Bath Soak

Going in and out the cold is harsh on our skin so choose a moitorising bath soak for the perfect end to any little ones day.

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