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All About The First Trimester

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I wanted to share my experiences through the first trimester of pregnancy, as it may help some of you who are at a similar stage and be reassuring if you are experiencing similar symptoms. I have broken this post down into week by week sections, to be honest some weeks where very similar so I have paired them together.

Week 4 - Week 5

The shock and excitement really didn't settle in for a good few weeks so I spent most of weeks 4 and 5 in a state of shock and a state of daydreaming about my new life unfolding. A part of me thought 'Have I made the right decision? Is this the right time? Is this what I really want?' and trust me it is completely normal to have those moments of self-doubt in the first few weeks, especially being a younger mum and having a Facebook timeline of travelling photos, engagements and drunken nights out from my peers. But you have to remember everybody is different and your twenties have such a span of different going ons for different people and this is totally the right choice for me.
I felt amazing that I was blessed to be pregnant and nothing changed too much I kept my gym routine up, my appetite did increase but I kept it relatively healthy so I was not too bothered and I felt overwhelmed with love and happiness. I also called my GP and booked my first Midwife appointment for Week 8, which gave me something to look forward to and count towards.

Week 6 - Week 9

Ok, so keeping up the gym routine and healthy eating stopped at Week 5. Come week 6 and I was lucky to get a ginger nut and a water biscuit down me. The morning sickness had begun! I couldn't function not only did EVERYTHING make me feel sick I was exhausted and most days could not get out of bed. I spent weeks laying on the sofa watching back to back movies and even some of those made me feel sick (so odd but seeing a plate of fries or ice-cream on a screen was enough to tip me over the edge). I also was off work, which made me miserable I felt so alone and isolated as we had not told anybody. As I was off work for so long we felt it was only right to send a confidential email to the correct people so they knew I didn't have severe skive-itis, everyone was so supportive and it actually helped to get me back to work quicker as I knew that if I was feeling crap I could just go home.
I have to say that this was proberly the lowest point in my pregnancy so far, I felt so poorly and nothing made me feel any better. I was over emotional, lonely and had to constantly pretend to friends and family that I was fine and had 'just got in from work/shopping/gym session. I ended up calling the doctors and ordering getting some anti-sickness which did really help me!
Week 8 I had my booking appointment which made everything seem really real, I met my midwife who was so lovely! Had a few blood tests, answered a lot of questions and asked a hell of a lot more. I even had to decide where I wanted to deliver the baby (yes this early on) but that's a whole other blog post. I felt really supported by the system and excited to receive my letter for our scan date!

Week 10 - Week 12

I was lucky enough to start to feel back to my normal self between weeks 10 -12 and started to enjoy my pregnancy despite still feeling very tired. A small bump started to show which meant the whole thing started to feel real! As for the scan at 12 weeks it was amazing to see this teeny tiny baby kicking and punching inside me even though I couldn't feel anything. It was the most amazing experience ever!

So on to the second trimester ...

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