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The Autumn Lust List

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Now that the weather has turned and the nights are drawing in I have put together a little autumn lust list of things I'm loving and lusting for!

1. Jo Malone My Story
There is nothing more cosy than snuggling under a thick cable knit throw with a cuppa and a good read in front of a roaring fire. And I am desperate to get my hands on Jo Malone's biography. I have always loved the 'Jo Malone' products but unaware to me till I heard a fantastic interview with her on Radio 4 , Jo doesn't actually own the brand or have any creative input since she sold the brand to Estee Lauder. When she left Jo Malone she had to sign documents saying that she wouldn't start another scent/beauty company for 5 years and as a creative this crippled Jo, so I feel that this book will be an amazing read following her journey from her kitchen sink to the brand she created and creating her own brand 'Jo Loves' Not to mention her battle with cancer and raising a family along the way.
This will be on my Christmas list unless I cave in before hand and buy it!

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2. Kate Spade Gold Spot Travel Mug
Hot drinks are the best kind of warmers and with all the high street coffee chains bringing out those special winter flavours there is not a better time to invest in a pretty travel mug. This beauty is from Kate Spade and looks as good as those spiced pumpkin lattes taste!

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3. Jumper Dresses
So we all might eat a few more biscuits come winter time so the jumper dresses are not only the best invention for staying warm, they also have room for over indulging in family buffets for our ever growing bellies this time of year. I love all the styles from the cable knitted trends to this gorgeous comfy sports luxe feel. Team them with a pair of over the knee boots and a fur gilet and your away.

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4. Rimmel 60 Second Nail Varnish in Sand and Deliver
I love nude nails they go with everything especially big camel coats and checked scarves! So I picked up this gorgeous shade in Boots recently and could not believe how quick it drys it really does what it says on the tin. Great for those quick back from work and out on date night turn arounds! I also find it doesn't stick to your nails so you can take it off and reapply all under 10 mins! Amazing!

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5. Teddy Robe from TOPSHOP
Oh Em Gee this is so cute and lets face it would be great for those insta selfies (ears and all). Anyone who knows me knows I am one of those people who are always always....always cold. So when I'm at home despite the heating blaring out I always wrap myself up in my dressing gown as soon as I get in the door. I swear the postman thinks I am never dressed!
You can't go wrong with this thick, gorgeous robe from TOPSHOP!

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6. Saint Laurent Monogram Kate Suade Shoulder Bag
Ok, so this is a total fantasy, unrealistic piece but I bloody love it and if I won the lottery tomorrow it would be straight in  my basket. It's classic, the perfect size and timeless. If you are going to invest in a designer bag, one which is timeless such as the Saint Laurent piece is the way to go. It's a great day to night bag which would go with anything and everything.Just Look how beautiful it is! For now I will keep dreaming ....

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New Hair Don't Care

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

With the end of Summer and the golden leaves falling on the ground this Autumn I decided to take inspiration of copper tones and golden glimpses and but them into my do!
I'm naturally a very dark brown so to achieve this colour took two long hair appointments and few pounds too! My inspiration was a natural feel balayage style which would take me through wintre and into next summer! I love the mixture of tones that where achieved through adding different strengths of bleach. My hairdresser also used a root colour to blend the golden coppery blondes to make for a natural transition! I still want to go blonder but I am already loving the results.

If you love my hair then why not visit in Norwich to book an appointment. Hey it's also where the lovely blogger Helen Anderson goes too... and anyone who is anyone knows she's queen of the doo!