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I'm All About That Bass

Tuesday, 9 August 2016
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Summer is when skin glows changed to tan and well looks freckle-ilious! So keeping up with your base products can be one big expense as your tones change! However, I have put together the ultimate base products to see you through the summer and even give you that autumnal glow.. like the golden leaves falling (too far... but you get the gist!).

1. Sleek Make-Up Barekissed Illuminator

This is going to be a holy grail product for me, I just know it! I love looking glory and dewy all year round, admittedly in the summer more so as it looks so healthy against a tan! But this product is like liquid gold! It's so pigmented and a little goes a long way, perfect for cheekbones, collar bones or even your legs on holiday! This really does rival the Mac Strobe cream and is the most amazing high street dupe!

Buy Me Here For £8.99 -

2. The Sleek Make-Up Cream Contour Kit in Medium

This kit is fabulous, it has six shades that gradually get darker an darker and will chisel those cheeks come rain or shine. I have pretty fair skin so I use the lighter shades when I am un-tanned and get into the darker tones when I get a glow. I never really get to the end shades as they are pretty dark, but I do use these on nights out to add more definition. I love this product and its a great high street dupe for the more pricer high end versions and to be honest I think it's better!

Buy Me Here For £10.99 -

3. L'Oreal J Lo Nude 

This is my trusty go to lipstick! It is so moisturising , easy to wear and go with anything and everything! It's a pinky nude with browny undertones that glisten in the light making lips look full and plumped up! I love that this lipstick has a sheen but is not too much, overpowering or sticky that your hair gets stuck all the time! It is the perfect formulation! Love it Love it Love it!

4. Insta Flawless by Rimmel London

New on the scene this is a cross between a primer and a BB cream. Providing enough coverage for a light look or you can use it has a primer to build up a fuller face. It's tinted and comes in either Light or Medium/Dark. I went for the Light option which is super dewy but not shiny and blends to the skin so well! Providing you with a natural base or something to build! An All Rounder!!

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5. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

This is the best summer foundation! Lightweight providing a dewy suns kissed look to any make-up the perfect base to build your contour in! It's super bendable and buffs into the skin like a dream! I find that the colour Deauville does me throughout the seasons. I re buy this so regularly I love it!

Little tip - Don't order this straight up online go to your nearest Space NK and get your colour matched! They will give you a little pot to try out and this really is the best way to test a foundation before investing in it! Also keep the tops of your bottles they are an extra £3.00 so I find saving them saves me lots of £££ in the long run!

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Friendships are For Life with Huggle

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

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Friendship is one of the most important things in our lives and  Huggle  has asked me to make a list/write about what I think makes a good friend. Huggle is a social app which helps you to discover and connect with people who go to the places you go. It’s a wonderful app for making friends and meeting like-minded people. You can download it here."

1. Communication

I don't think there a day,hour,minute or second where my group messages are not pinging off ! With either the latest dating disaster, newest lipstick or a cheeky topless picture of Channing Tatum to brighten our day, best friends really do share everything!
Being a good friend is not just about sharing all of those juicy secrets but about being a good listener and at times an agony aunt! My group of friends will be the first to tell me that the play suit I was going to wear out this Saturday does make me look fat, and that is what friends are for! They dish out the compliments when the guy dumps you for a leggy blonde model and tell you when you don't look good in an outfit.

2. Time

Time is so important and the older you get the less of it you have. When work, life and boyfriends take over the friend time really does get squeezed into a sixth of what you had back at college! I put my hands up to this, I am guilty of not making time to see my friends, but it is so important and healthy for a balanced life. So, go on, book that spa weekend with the girls and pop open that processo!

3. Adventures lead to Memories

Book that Ibiza weekend, get in the car and drive to the furthest tip of Scotland or jump off a rock into the sea in Cornwall! Adventures surrounded by your best friends create the most amazing memories and are what we all talk about years on. Friends are a great excuse to get out and see the world and the support of a friend means that you have the confidence to conquer anything as long as your together!

4. Friendships come in all Shapes and Sizes

Friendship is a connection that can happen between man, woman, place and beast and doesn't come in one consistent form! Best friends can be from the tiny tots you got on the school bus with to a bunch of cats your living with at 86! I can totally appreciate friendships that are in animal form having formed a solid bond with my little sausage dog Winnie!

5. It's Not A Closed Circle

You will always have the friends that you have known since you were a teeny tot but the chance to aquire friends throughout your life time is limitless. As you grow with age natually your circle changes but this is a chance to expand your circles and craete friendships with new, funa nd exciting people.