*Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

Monday, 18 July 2016

There are no two ways about it, learning to drive is the most exciting and daunting experience all wrapped into one. It gives you the 'adult' independence that you crave through your teen years literally overnight.
I was lucky enough to pass first time and I will never forget the look of pride and horror across my mums face as I told her (I really think she thought I would fail, as in her eyes I was her baby and the road could be a dangerous place). For me, passing my test first time was one of my greatest achievements, if not the greatest. I was never that student that would get straight A or A* so to do something first time and do it well gave me the biggest sense of achievement. So, for all you green license holders I have put together a few hints and tips for getting on the road and getting that licence first time round!

1. Get the Hours In
Practice makes perfect! And this saying certainly works when it comes to driving! When I was learning to drive my dad bought me 30 hours' worth of lessons, which meant that I got a lot of one on one drive time, where I would practise manoeuvres, learn the highway code and experience a wealth of weather conditions.
If 30 hours is out of your budget, you can always book a course where you can have 12-18 hours over 2-3 days and prior to the course get a family member to take you out (please make sure that you have the necessary insurance) and practise with them. I found really big empty car parks a great places to start!
To book your short course or hourly lessons then take a look at http://www.booklearnpass.co.uk . They have a great range of options to build a package for any budget or experience.

2. Rhythm and Rhyme
OK, so I am fully aware that this may sound completely ridiculous and, well all a bit primary school. But making up rhythms and rhymes to remember certain aspects of driving worked so well for me, the main one being ..."Mirror,Signal,Manoeuvre!" I made a little rhyme up of these three words and for the whole of the test all that was going around my head was this rhyme.

3. Plan A Route
Planning is key when practising with family! To know your way a little means that you know in advance what turns and roundabouts are ahead. When I started learning, I really hated right hand turns because I was really under confident, so my dad made routes which only consisted of left hand turns.This not only meant I practised my driving but built up confidence on the roads!

4. The Pre Test Hour - Getting into Gear
An hour before your test you have time to practice everything you have learnt in the run up to the big day! It is paramount that you stay calm and collected so that you can really focus on tweaking any last minute anxieties. I had a nightmare everything in the hour going completely wrong and I convinced myself I could not do it. However, I ended up passing first time and I think the hour before got all my mistakes out of my system so the real deal seemed very easy in comparison!

5. Parking up at The Test Centre
Do not swing in across two parking bays just because they're empty, taking in the biggest sign thinking whole test is over! This is still part of the test and I had so many friends fail because they parked badly, forgot all about mirrors as they pulled up at the test centre to hear their results. Remember the test lasts until you switch off that ignition!

Please make sure you have all the necessary insurances when driving as well as hold either a full license or provisional when learning to drive.
Also this post is in collaboration with booklearnpass.co.uk but all views and opinions are my own.

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  1. It is actually a mess for people to just pass the driving test, they usually face it overconfidently or overhype it. Easiest and simplest way are described in this post, thanks to the blogger!