New Hair Don't Care

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

With the end of Summer and the golden leaves falling on the ground this Autumn I decided to take inspiration of copper tones and golden glimpses and but them into my do!
I'm naturally a very dark brown so to achieve this colour took two long hair appointments and few pounds too! My inspiration was a natural feel balayage style which would take me through wintre and into next summer! I love the mixture of tones that where achieved through adding different strengths of bleach. My hairdresser also used a root colour to blend the golden coppery blondes to make for a natural transition! I still want to go blonder but I am already loving the results.

If you love my hair then why not visit in Norwich to book an appointment. Hey it's also where the lovely blogger Helen Anderson goes too... and anyone who is anyone knows she's queen of the doo!

3 comments on "New Hair Don't Care"
  1. Congratulation Holly! Was really happy to hear it.... Just decide a place where you'd be most comfortable at....but the real important thing is too keep yourself neutritioned and hydrated!

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