My Begutea Journey

Friday, 1 July 2016
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I was recently contacted by Begutea, a hot new teatox company using only the best ingredients, to embark on my first every teatox journey! I was a little skeptical about 'teatoxing' ... really how can a cup of your favourite char relive food cravings, speed up your metabolism and improve your fitness and wellbeing? Well I was wrong all the above was achieved by simply adding in a couple of cups of the most delicious blends throughout the day.  

I am a terrible snacker, I can easily much through a packet of biscuit, couple of chocolate bars and a family share bag of crisps before it's even tea time! So when I came across the Crave Begutea and Appetite blends my snacking stopped completely. Whenever I felt the urge to grab one of these snacks in the day I would quickly make a cup of Begutea and the cravings would completely disappear! Since starting my Begutea journey I have already re-purchased both the Crave and Appetite blends.

My favourite blend has to be the Morning Buzz which is an infusion of Lemon,Ginger and Green Tea giving your metabolism a boost as soon as you wake up. I always start my day with a green tea but the Begu range is the best I have ever tasted. It's fruity notes awaken and hydrate the body as soon as you awake and the green tea is the perfect kick to any morning.

Another great feature with Begu is that alongside the teas you are able to accesses fitness plans via their portal for 28 days from receiving the teas. This creates the perfect combination to achieve weigh loss, build muscle and get that summer body!

Take a look at the range here:

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  1. Green tea has the miracles in it. Like it is beneficial for weight loss, stomach problems, deals with allergies and what not. So try to have at least one cup of green tea daily.