Naked 3 Everyday Eyeshadow

Sunday, 12 June 2016
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Urban Decay's NAKED palettes are all my favourites but if there's one I reach out more for than the others it has to be the NAKED 3 palette. I think that this is because when I lived in New York for a month I visited MAC and the lady at the counter told me that pinky to red wine tones would make my eyes 'pop' ! 

Here is my very simple everyday shadow routine using the Naked 3 palette, which creates an effortless feel but gives you a very finished look.

1. I take Limit and buff this all over my eyelid including up and over by banana bone at the top of the lid. I use the brush that comes with the palette and for this step I use the larger eye which is great for buffing.

2. Next I use the smaller end of the brush and take the shade Noona, this is slightly deeper than Limit and I pop this in the top outer corners to define the lid and add shadowing to the look.

3. I then take the larger end and buff the shades into the lid so that there are no obvious lines. This creates a seamless look.

4. Finally I take the shade Liar with the smaller end of the brush and dab this at the front of my eyelids to create a shimmery focal point. And da-dah a gorgeous easy everyday eyeshadow fir for any occasion !

1 comment on "Naked 3 Everyday Eyeshadow "
  1. This palette is like my dream palette! How have I not seen this before? I may have to buy this now, such a lovely post Holly :)

    Much love, Jade x