My Ideal Unwind

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nothing beats jumping into bed as soon as your in from work and sticking on Netflix (especially now that Orange is the New Black Season Four is out). So I thought I'd share with you how I like to unwind and indulge after a long day and maybe it will give you some ideas on how to feel total zen in the comfort of your own home!

1. Change Those Sheets
Nothing and I mean nothing beats the feeling of jumping into freshly washed, crisply ironed bedding. You can create that hotel bed feel with maximum comfort as hey no bed is as comfortable as your own. I personally love to buy a really good thread count set and I always iron them too, I tend to find Marks and Spencer or The White Company the best for bed linen. Trust me ladies it's worth spending a few extra pennies here as we snooze for at least eight hours a day!

2. Switch On to Switch Off
Yes, turn on that trash TV show you've been wanting to catch up on and sit through seasons 1-8 . Why not! I love getting lost in great (and the not so great) tv shows to completely relax. There is something comforting about sticking on a movie in bed and wrapping the quilt around you. You just can't beat it.

3.Go for the Photos
I like to slick through fashion magazines whilst I'm chilling and always chose one with a lot of good photography, not only for a bit of blog inspiration but because I find it easy to switch between a little TV and a fashion mag. I also love gaining inspiration for my outfits from them as well as noting down on my phone a lust list for the month!

4. Snacks
Lastly, indulge! Yes life is about a healthy balance so kick back and grab your favourite snacks. My guilty pleasure is Angel cake with a large glass of milk! It reminds me of my childhood and gets me all nostalgic! I do eat healthily 80% of the time and allow myself to live a little the other 20%.

Please let me know in the comments how you love to unwind? 

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  1. This sounds so ideal right now!

    Parie x