Easy Peasy Royal Locks

Sunday, 5 June 2016
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Lets face it we all want those effortless, forever bouncy Kate curls. But who really has two hours every morning to perform a professional blow dry ... definitely not me! So here is how I go from bed head mane to bouncy curls in 20 minutes.

All you need for this look is a straightener styler, I'm using my trusty GHDs. A thermal protectant spray, I love this VO5 one that I picked up in Savers a while ago and a dry shampoo and for me it has to be COLAB by the lovely Ruth Crilly!

When i wake up I always throw my hair up on top of my head to make myself a green tea. This is my ritual and I do it everyday. Then I go into my make-up room/office to get ready !

To achieve this look I let me bed hair free from my top knot and comb through root to tip with a tangle teaser. I then sprits dry shampoo into the roots of my hair to add lift and volume as my longer length tends to mean I can end up with very flat hair as it pulls it down. I then take the teaser through lightly to get rid of any of those 'grey' patches you get with dry shampoo, although I have to say you don't get many with COLAB (also side note it smells amazing!). 
I then spritz my VO5 thermal protection all over my hair to protect it from the straighteners. Then simply separate the hair into layers taking a section down at a time as you curl.

To create the bouncy curls I take the straightner down my hair to about 3 inches from the end and then twist it towards my head round then release. By coming down the hair first it creates a glossy look top to bottom! It really is that easy! Once I release the hair I use my fingers to twizzle the hair round to make sure the curl is 'locked' as such. I repeat this all over my hair until I reach the very front of my hair. The trick to that just blow dry look which Kate nails every time is to pull the curls closest to your face away from your face to create that sweeping,lifted face framing finish!

I then tease with my fingers and if it's windy or I'm going out I will lightly spray a dusting of hair spray all over!

And Voila ... perfect Kate curls in a quarter of the time!

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