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Love-ly Cupcakes

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I am all about the 80/20 lifestyle, meaning 80% of the time I eat healthily and the other 20% of the time I allow myself to indulge. I love to bake so this is really where I use a lot of my 20% up! I do tend to only have one cupcake and give the rest to friends and family but I just love the process of baking, it's so creative! I am definitely no Mary Berry and I can't produce Pinterest worthy creations but what I do do is honest, warm homely bakes that I believe taste delicious.

Love-ly Cupcakes 

Makes 12-15 cakes

You Will Need:

Heart shaped sticks ( mine are from TIGER but you can create your own with some cocktail sticks and card)

6oz Unsalted Butter

6oz of Caster Sugar

3 Medium Eggs

6oz Self Raising Flour

A jar of multicoloured sprinkle

1 packet of mini marshmallows

For the Icing

4oz Butter

6oz Icing Sugar

Food colouring of your choice


1. Preheat the oven to 150C, I have a fan assisted oven. Whilst that's heating up put the cupcake cases in a tray.

2. Cream the 6oz of butter with the caster sugar until a light creamy colour.

3. Crack in the eggs and sive the flour slowly in whilst whisking.

4. Add in the sprinkle for an extra sparkle of surprise in the mixture, mix well so they are evenly distributed.

5. Evenly spoon into the cases and place them in the oven for 15 mins / until they are golden brown.

6. Whilst they cook cream the 4oz of butter and the icing sugar in a bowl adding a small amount of food colouring as you go to build up the cover.

7. Leave the cupcakes to cool before adding the icing and the decorations! Be creative! 


Please let me know if you made any cupcakes like mine or followed the recipe above! I love reading baking posts, so if you have any of your own please link in the comments so I can take a look!

DITL Weekend Post

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Welcome to the weekend! I love long lazy mornings in bed, spending my day relaxing in the sunshine avec the pooch (of course). And this weekend was no exception!
We had a lazy lie in followed by some mini pain au chocolats. I am such a sucker for a gimmic and a 'mini' anything, why are 'minnis' so appealing? 
I threw up my hair cracked out a summer dress (and a coat, this is Great Britain) and headed to a beautiful park called Eaton Park in Norwich! It's huge so it feels like you have the place to yourself although actually it's full of walkers,picnicers and poochies!
I then worked out for an hour and sat down to steak and salad in front of a movie from Now TV! 

I hope you enjoyed my short but sweet posts and some photos 

My Ideal Unwind

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nothing beats jumping into bed as soon as your in from work and sticking on Netflix (especially now that Orange is the New Black Season Four is out). So I thought I'd share with you how I like to unwind and indulge after a long day and maybe it will give you some ideas on how to feel total zen in the comfort of your own home!

1. Change Those Sheets
Nothing and I mean nothing beats the feeling of jumping into freshly washed, crisply ironed bedding. You can create that hotel bed feel with maximum comfort as hey no bed is as comfortable as your own. I personally love to buy a really good thread count set and I always iron them too, I tend to find Marks and Spencer or The White Company the best for bed linen. Trust me ladies it's worth spending a few extra pennies here as we snooze for at least eight hours a day!

2. Switch On to Switch Off
Yes, turn on that trash TV show you've been wanting to catch up on and sit through seasons 1-8 . Why not! I love getting lost in great (and the not so great) tv shows to completely relax. There is something comforting about sticking on a movie in bed and wrapping the quilt around you. You just can't beat it.

3.Go for the Photos
I like to slick through fashion magazines whilst I'm chilling and always chose one with a lot of good photography, not only for a bit of blog inspiration but because I find it easy to switch between a little TV and a fashion mag. I also love gaining inspiration for my outfits from them as well as noting down on my phone a lust list for the month!

4. Snacks
Lastly, indulge! Yes life is about a healthy balance so kick back and grab your favourite snacks. My guilty pleasure is Angel cake with a large glass of milk! It reminds me of my childhood and gets me all nostalgic! I do eat healthily 80% of the time and allow myself to live a little the other 20%.

Please let me know in the comments how you love to unwind? 

Naked 3 Everyday Eyeshadow

Sunday, 12 June 2016
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Urban Decay's NAKED palettes are all my favourites but if there's one I reach out more for than the others it has to be the NAKED 3 palette. I think that this is because when I lived in New York for a month I visited MAC and the lady at the counter told me that pinky to red wine tones would make my eyes 'pop' ! 

Here is my very simple everyday shadow routine using the Naked 3 palette, which creates an effortless feel but gives you a very finished look.

1. I take Limit and buff this all over my eyelid including up and over by banana bone at the top of the lid. I use the brush that comes with the palette and for this step I use the larger eye which is great for buffing.

2. Next I use the smaller end of the brush and take the shade Noona, this is slightly deeper than Limit and I pop this in the top outer corners to define the lid and add shadowing to the look.

3. I then take the larger end and buff the shades into the lid so that there are no obvious lines. This creates a seamless look.

4. Finally I take the shade Liar with the smaller end of the brush and dab this at the front of my eyelids to create a shimmery focal point. And da-dah a gorgeous easy everyday eyeshadow fir for any occasion !

Easy Peasy Royal Locks

Sunday, 5 June 2016
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Lets face it we all want those effortless, forever bouncy Kate curls. But who really has two hours every morning to perform a professional blow dry ... definitely not me! So here is how I go from bed head mane to bouncy curls in 20 minutes.

All you need for this look is a straightener styler, I'm using my trusty GHDs. A thermal protectant spray, I love this VO5 one that I picked up in Savers a while ago and a dry shampoo and for me it has to be COLAB by the lovely Ruth Crilly!

When i wake up I always throw my hair up on top of my head to make myself a green tea. This is my ritual and I do it everyday. Then I go into my make-up room/office to get ready !

To achieve this look I let me bed hair free from my top knot and comb through root to tip with a tangle teaser. I then sprits dry shampoo into the roots of my hair to add lift and volume as my longer length tends to mean I can end up with very flat hair as it pulls it down. I then take the teaser through lightly to get rid of any of those 'grey' patches you get with dry shampoo, although I have to say you don't get many with COLAB (also side note it smells amazing!). 
I then spritz my VO5 thermal protection all over my hair to protect it from the straighteners. Then simply separate the hair into layers taking a section down at a time as you curl.

To create the bouncy curls I take the straightner down my hair to about 3 inches from the end and then twist it towards my head round then release. By coming down the hair first it creates a glossy look top to bottom! It really is that easy! Once I release the hair I use my fingers to twizzle the hair round to make sure the curl is 'locked' as such. I repeat this all over my hair until I reach the very front of my hair. The trick to that just blow dry look which Kate nails every time is to pull the curls closest to your face away from your face to create that sweeping,lifted face framing finish!

I then tease with my fingers and if it's windy or I'm going out I will lightly spray a dusting of hair spray all over!

And Voila ... perfect Kate curls in a quarter of the time!


This month you can see I am feeling really 'in the nude' as such. I seem to be wearing lots of chalky pastels against my signature monochrome style items, so it's no doubt that my Lust List reflects my soft tonal palette I am loving!

 I am such a mixture of high street and designer which is reflected in this months Lust List. I always go for designer accessories with high street clothes. As I feel an accessory is an investment and you can wear them day in day out and somehow hope that one day they become 'vintage' and you'll make your money back again. That said I do tend to trawl eBay,gumtree and Facebook selling sites to pick up my designer bits and bobs. If all that fails I usually head down to Bicester village in Oxfordshire which is the most amazing designer outlet shopping village!

The Lust List

1. ANABEL Tie Detail Boots - TOPSHOP- £69.00

Oh-em-ef and gee these are beautiful! I was really into the thinner lace up heels over spring but now I am seeing more of a chunky tie and I am loving it. These would look great dressed down with a pair of ripped skinnies, white shirt and top knot or with a pretty boho white lace shirt dress. They really do take you from day to night. I also love the heel width and height, no more achy limbs and sore tootsies. These may have just crept in my online basket! Oops!

2. Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel - BENEFIT - £18.50

So after watching Fleur De Force's blog where she attended the launch of the new Benefit brow products range (that's right ladies we have a whole new range of brow products to play with! Yayaya!) I couldn't help but have a sneaky look online at which ones I just 'had to have'. As you will know from my previous post about my Brow routine, I am pretty brow-crazy so these products where right up my street. Having looked at the range and deciding I want it all, I said to myself I had to only pick one for my favourites. So I went with this volumizing brow gel! I haven't tried it yet so I can't give it a good review, but I mean who doesn't want to increase those tiny sparse straggly bits! I really do think this sounds like a miracle brow product and I will be certain to review once I get my mitts on one!

3. Biker Style Trousers - ZARA - £39.99

I love any biker inspired fashion items, I think teams with something a little more girly like a lace shirt they can look so so cool (and I am not cool). However when I saw this amazing concoction of girly peach and biker style in one I knew they would be making this month lust list. Just look at their loveliness! If your from the UK you will know we get about 5 days of hot hot sunshine a year so these summery trouser are perfect for having that summer style in our cooler climate! 

4. Unicorn Cake- CRUMBS AND DOILIES - £55.00

So if you missed Zella's recent vlog all about Poppy's birthday celebrations, go now and prepare for ultimate cake envy! Her and Alfie bought the most amazing cake for her from 'Crumbs and Doilies' which is youtuber Cupcake Jemma's gorgeous cake shop! As soon as I saw the cake went and checked out her website and found this amazing Unicorn Cake, and it went straight to the top of my birthday wishlist (yes my birthday is September, but I am already counting down). The website is so innovative and inspiring just as much as Jemma's videos, as always I came away with the baking urge  and have now just baked a dozen cupcakes.

5. Black Lace Hem Slip Dress - RIVER ISLAND - £28.00

This dress is typical 'me' style, a gorgeous cut with pretty detailing you can't go wrong! This dress would look amazing on a night out with a sleep ponytail, red lipstick and big lashes! Or a daytime look with a karki jacket and a pair of converse. It really is so versatile! I am also a sucker for anything with back detailing, so the cross over straps down the back had be straight away!

6. Givenchy Antigona Sugar Medium Tote - SELFRIDGES - £1,465.00

Ok,ok, I know this is a crazily priced bag but a girl can dream hey! I have lusted over a Givenchy bag for what seems like years now and I am on the hunt to add one to my handbag collection, but I am yet to find one at an affordable price! Anyway, if money was no object this would be the one I would go for. The classic shape and beautiful 'old pink' tone is absolutely stunning! I also like the medium size, as I am such a big bag lover I could never have a small one but this seems perfect, enough for my filofax,phone,make up and all that junk you keep in your bag! Hang on, I'm sounding like own this already! If only!

Quick, Easy HD Effect Brow Routine

Friday, 3 June 2016

So, we are all in search of the perfect brows spending £100s on them to get that perfect arch! I regularly get my brows professionally tinted and waxed but in-between appointments they can look dull, lifeless and bit more rainbow than sharp so heres my very easy, quick routine to getting those unruly buggers into shape.

1. I combe through my lashes with a clear brow gel, applying only a small amount of product. I do this more to separate the hairs and calm the ones that have gone bit ay wol in the night. Make sure to brush the front ones forward, the middle up and the back ones out. This will help you identify where you need to pencil them in later.

2. Next I grab my tweezers and tweeze out all the ones I can. With waxing you do get those little stubbly ones that have to be left in (annoying but really who has all day to worry about a few mini black dots). I do really think investing in a higher end pair of tweezer means that less of these little ones are able to stay put. Mine are from boots and where about £20 I will link all the products below.

3. Next I use my L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit in dark brown. I take the wax side and mark out where I need to apply powder, using a Real Techniques eyeliner brush. The wax not only provides an outline but a good sticking base for the powder to sit on top of assuring you of fabulous brows all day long. 

4. I don't use the powder out of the L'Oreal kit, it's great and nothing wrong with it but I like to use my NAKED basics eyeshadow palette. I use a matte brown with a tiny bit of black and go out the wax that I applied in step 3. Because Urban Decay is so pigmented it means that colour goes on well and stays all day and night.

5. Finally I use Maybelline Brow Drama in the darkest shade to tame any hairs and add depth with the colour. I like to push the front hairs forward making them more prominent as I like them to look quite natural. I also LOVE Rosie Huntington-Whiteleys brows and hers tend to naturally sit like this.

and that ladies is it ... my perfect brows in five easy peasy steps.
Please let me know any of your brow tips in the comments below! 

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