Winter Skin in a Nut Shell

Monday, 21 December 2015

Chapped lips, Dry skin and a Puffy Nose. Are all the symptoms that winter has hit. Despite the mild weather in the UK this year I am still struggling with the winter conditions skin wise so here are a few handy products I have found have been saviours in keeping my skin clear and hydrated.

1. Chance by CHANEL

This is a vanilla base with notes of white musk. Perfect for those crisp winter mornings.

2. Rose Beauty Balm by Neals Yard

This is my absolute favourite product of the season. Warm a small amount up in your palms and sleep in it the next morning you are guaranteed baby soft skin. Perfect! Please don't let the oil formula but you off, it honestly is a gift from the gods!

3. Rose Facial Wash by Neals Yard

A gentle cleanse which is great for everyday use. Gently foams and leaves skin clean and clear!

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