Blogmas: Writing cards and Christmas Tree is Up

Monday, 8 December 2014

So I have been really busy! Balancing two jobs, university and finding time to write a blog post each day is proving a little difficult so I apologise for combining two days into one. However, now that university has finished for Christmas I promise there will be lots more posts in the build up to Christmas!

So on Sunday we collected our tree and put it up in our living room we played festive songs whilst hanging all the decorations I had bought up. All the decorations on the tree are from Wilko and I am so pleased with the quality and feel they work so well together. So, if you are interested in creating the same look pop into your local Wilko to collect these gorgeous bits (UK only).

I went for a red,silver and white theme which works really well as it's not too cold and not too much. I am really pleased with how the colours have worked together.

As I was in a Christmas-y mood I sat down and wrote out all my cards to my friends and family. I love to write individual messages in each card so this does take a while but I love doing them !!

Has anyone else put up there trees? Please tweet me a picture at @hollybobbinblog so I can see all your lovely trees!

6 comments on "Blogmas: Writing cards and Christmas Tree is Up"

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