Blogmas : All I Want for Christmas on Wantfeed

Monday, 1 December 2014

Not seeing friends and family all year and then coming together to give gifts (that you actually want) is hard. I struggle to find the perfect gift for that cousin once removed who last year was only 11 years old and now is on the cusp of turning into a teenage boy.
Another issue you get is expensive gifts that you are really not bothered by and will end up in the bottom of some handbag (not to sound ungrateful). However , want feed is here to help us get a gift that your friends and family actually want . Or you can send a link to your relatives so they can get you the perfect christmas gift.
Wantfeed was created by Stef (fellow blogger Hannah Maggs husband) and it's a great visual way to create your christmas list.
I have started to put together a whole range of gifts that I am hoping might appear under my tree & a few dream gifts that maybe one day I will afford.
Please click the box below to take a look at what I am lusting after this festive season.

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