Blogmas : The Decorations are here but Where is the Tree?

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

If you follow me on instagram (holliemontagnon) you will know I have been slowly putting up my Christmas decorations since the middle of November . I have been buying budget decorations and putting them together in a homemade style. 
We still have no tree but we are hoping to pick one up this weekend and of course I will be showing it all on here (so keep your eyes peeled).

Living in a 300 year old cottage I didn't want my decorations to be really modern and although I love metallics and steel silvers I didn't think a completely cold theme would work with the nature of the house. So I added red in with the white and silver which really warmed by colour pallet up as well as natural ornaments such as ferns and pine cones to be inkeeping with the style of my home.

I hope you like my decorations so far ! Most of them are from Wilkinson and The Range so if you would like to share your decorating tips or ask where any of the individual decorations are from then please comment below !

1 comment on "Blogmas : The Decorations are here but Where is the Tree?"
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