Quick Self Evaluation of BA6

Thursday, 15 May 2014
I have really loved the freedom of writing my own learning agreement and organising my own project. I have worked hard at my drawings and have experimented with a lot of techniques compared to other projects where I stuck a lot to watercolour and pen and ink. I think my drawing has improved and this is shown in my sketchbooks . I also enjoyed taking my drawings out of my sketchbook to create larger scale pieces . This made me think about space and how to not ignore the negative space .
I really struggled to come to a conclusion in the project . Creating my final collection of samples was hard as I was really indecisive in where to start. But once I got started I had so many ideas but I chose 8 ( four in fabric and 4 on paper ) to be apart of my collection. Looking at it now I'd of liked to add a plain stripe and a plain spot in there somewhere too but  with it being a project I felt showcasing my drawing skills was more important.
Once my digital prints where edited I felt that two of the four fabric designs where weak so I added some basic embroidery to make them more interesting to fit with the collection.
This has definitely got me thinking about collaborating embroidery and print design and I think this is a process I will investigate over the summer in order to use it in my third year successfully.

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