Inside my Sketchbook - BA6

Thursday, 1 May 2014

My BA6 project is going ok . I am over thinking the whole process due to that fact I am so scared I will fail which I feel is haulting the natural flow of my work. My sketchbook feels regemented as opposed to being true to my style becasue it is rather over thought than just made.
However , drawing has gone really well I've had loads of ideas from thin line , watercolour , acrylic , gouache , block painting and looking at negative and positive space. I feel that I have created a real range of drawings within my sketchbooks so far.
After my tutorial with Jill I need to start thinking about pulling my reasources and drawings together to create a final collection ready for printing on Tuesday ... eeek.

I think the above snapshots taken on my phone show the versatility within my sketchbooks this project and display that I have been researching from many different angles.

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