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Thursday, 15 May 2014
I haven't blogged my recent work because I have just been editing and finalising designs on photoshop in order to be printed by May 6th  ( digital print deadline ) . I really regret not taking screen shots of my work in progress as it would have showed my thought process and development .
I also found that when I went to get my samples printed I couldn't afford them all to be done which was really disheartening however I have printed the other designs and think they look just as good now they are mounted on to the boards.
My essay is complete which is a weight off my shoulders however Sarah Hardaker still hasn't got my feedback form done which is holding me back ! I understand she is busy but it is rather frustrating when the deadline is approaching.
I also feel that I have recently neglected my PDP / blog as I have been concentrating on designing and developing my drawings. I made rough notes in my diary so that I didn't loose track of my thoughts to upload on to here.
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