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An Evening by the Sea in Norfolk

Monday, 26 May 2014

We went up to the coast at Walcott in Norfolk for the evening and had a lovely walk / swim on the beach. I love living half an hour from the beach and being able to just pop up there when the weather is good. It was a really relaxing end to our weekend.

North Walsham Sevens Rugby

I went to the North Walsham rugby sevens tournament this weekend. It was a full day of rugby games , drinking pins and soaking up the sun when it decided to shine. My boyfriend was playing for his team the wymondham trojans who made it t the semi finals so it was a good day to cheer him and his team on.
The annual event is teamed with a beer festival so it really is a laid back competition with a BBQ , hog roast and plenty of ales to try.

What I wore : 
Jacket - Barbour
T Shirt - Topshop 
Ripped High Waisted Skinny Jeans - Topshop 
Cut out Ankle Boots - Carvela 

A Floral step into Summer

Saturday, 24 May 2014

With the weather picking up I have been feeling super summery. I went for a walk around my local town and took a few snaps. Despite the weather being a bit better there is still a lot of green around.
I also really need to shop for my summer wardrobe. I am wearing a joules top in the top photograph £29.95 from . They have loads of gorgeous summer bits in and I am loving all the floral prints . I will defiantly be investing in one of their bikinis for my holiday. 

Quick Self Evaluation of BA6

Thursday, 15 May 2014
I have really loved the freedom of writing my own learning agreement and organising my own project. I have worked hard at my drawings and have experimented with a lot of techniques compared to other projects where I stuck a lot to watercolour and pen and ink. I think my drawing has improved and this is shown in my sketchbooks . I also enjoyed taking my drawings out of my sketchbook to create larger scale pieces . This made me think about space and how to not ignore the negative space .
I really struggled to come to a conclusion in the project . Creating my final collection of samples was hard as I was really indecisive in where to start. But once I got started I had so many ideas but I chose 8 ( four in fabric and 4 on paper ) to be apart of my collection. Looking at it now I'd of liked to add a plain stripe and a plain spot in there somewhere too but  with it being a project I felt showcasing my drawing skills was more important.
Once my digital prints where edited I felt that two of the four fabric designs where weak so I added some basic embroidery to make them more interesting to fit with the collection.
This has definitely got me thinking about collaborating embroidery and print design and I think this is a process I will investigate over the summer in order to use it in my third year successfully.

The Final Collection

Continuation of My Collection : Wild Flowers BA6

I didn't account for the cost of digital printing which really screwed me over as I didm;t have the funds to print all my samples. However as Jill has said that it is fine to enter them in paper format so here are the rest of my collection. I improved the colours to give them a brighter feel . I have developed some of the imagery seen in my fabric samples to create continuity in my collection. I feel they all work well together and really happy how I have developed my computer skills incorporating as much of my own drawings as possible.
Eventually ( after I get paid at the end of the month ) I am hoping to get these printed properly so that I have them in fabric format for my portfolio.
I feel as if my portfolio of work for BA6 is getting there now. 

Final Designs in Fabric

I am really pleased with final designs and how they have printed. They are digitally printed on to Linen after my work placement with Sarah Hardaker and feel they reflect her practice.
The top two photos are my final pieces and the two below are some of my mini A5 samples. 
When my buttercup sample was printed I wasn't 100% happy with the outcome so I embroider french knots all over to give my fabric a 3D feel and it created a more dynamic piece. I used a soft yellow thread connecting the yellow from the flower to the background . This then presented a well connected sample which I am really happy with.
Reflecting on my work I feel that my collection is a bit dull colour wise. I need to consider colour and the power it can have on creating a collection. The colours I chose create a more autumnal / winter feel as opposed to a summery floral feel. 

Development / Photoshop

I haven't blogged my recent work because I have just been editing and finalising designs on photoshop in order to be printed by May 6th  ( digital print deadline ) . I really regret not taking screen shots of my work in progress as it would have showed my thought process and development .
I also found that when I went to get my samples printed I couldn't afford them all to be done which was really disheartening however I have printed the other designs and think they look just as good now they are mounted on to the boards.
My essay is complete which is a weight off my shoulders however Sarah Hardaker still hasn't got my feedback form done which is holding me back ! I understand she is busy but it is rather frustrating when the deadline is approaching.
I also feel that I have recently neglected my PDP / blog as I have been concentrating on designing and developing my drawings. I made rough notes in my diary so that I didn't loose track of my thoughts to upload on to here.

Prints of Nature

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I was struggling with drawing detailed leaf print in my drawings and felt that they became harsh and clumpy drawings without this. So I went out onto a walk and collected leaves to print with. The results varied and most didn't work out as they were too waxy but the ones that did worked really well. I even added colour blocking where the print hadn't come through which made for exciting contrasting imagery.
I am going to scan these prints in and use them in photoshop to create backgrounds for my designs. I love the texture they bring to my work. Breaking up my drawings with print.
To expand on this experiment I could do larger samples onto cotton and then stitch into them to add three demential qualities.
But with digital print deadline looming I am concentrating on producing my samples for the time being over experimental work.

Our First Backyard BBQ

I had a break this weekend from my sketchbooks and we had our first backyard BBQ
Tom cooked some amazing food and I took a few photographs to remember the evening. However I was resting and chatting to friends so I didn't take many.
I concentrated on colour and vibrancy through my peonie flowers and the vegetable skewers. Connecting the evening to my textile practice. As the course goes on is find myself connecting textiles in a vast amount of ways to my everyday life . I'm constantly looking for colour palettes , line and structure patterns within the every day . Which is define hey becoming a very useful developing skill.

Colours of Norfolk

As I was driving to a restaurant I pulled over in the car and took these photographs of the amazing yellow rape seed. The colours of Norwich football team are yellow and green and that is definitely reflected in the county at this time of year.
I love the vibrancy of the yellow against the mellow dusty blue contrasting with sharp greens silluetted by the floral line. These beautiful qualities of nature are certainly elements I want to execute in my own work.
Looking at photographs especially in nature I notice that not only is the foreground of the image important but also the background. Wether that be plain to illuminate the foreground or busy to compliment the overall composition.
It is defiantly food for thought.
Having a camera this term has made me much more aware of my surrounding and how they can influence my work . Documenting my ideas and thought in a click of a button has been a huge help and I want to continue this process throughout this project and into my third year.

Oh My God I am in Love

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Designers Guild - Mokurn
I was shopping with my mum over easter for her new curtains and I came across this fabric in a boutique shop called ' Lizzie Stanhope Interiors ' . Wow. It's so gorgeous and detailed and I love the monochromatic background placed with the coloured foreground. The two work harmoniously together. To find a contempoary fabric which included a snakes head fritiliary seemed like mission impossible untill I came across this.
I am going to go out into the garden and the part to find leaves to print to imintate thge line in this as I feel I could collaberate prints from nature with my drawings to work towards my collection of final outcomes. I then want to fuse these ideas together with Hodgkins mark making to create my own unique Wild Flower Collection.

To see more of the collection visit :

No copyright intended on image used.

Howard Hodgkin for Designers Guild Inspiration

I came across these amazing fabrics online when I was looking up a different design I had seen in a local fabric shop. I fell in love with the expressive qualities in the strokes and the freedom displayed in the line. It feels as if his work is breaking the mould of convential shape and form which I love.
I am starting to include mark making in the backgrounds of my work which contrast with the clean line of the drawings. I am looking closely at Hodgkins work and want to convey the same passion into my own practice.
I could imitate his work through a range of media but I think it would be an effective method to do it through an open screen. I will have to try and book into the print room which is so hard at the moment to experiment.
Hodgkins is originally a fine artist but as recently workedwith designers guild in collaberating to create an exciting range of fabrics and papers for S/S14. To find out more please visit

No copyright intended on photographs used.

Inside my Sketchbook - BA6

My BA6 project is going ok . I am over thinking the whole process due to that fact I am so scared I will fail which I feel is haulting the natural flow of my work. My sketchbook feels regemented as opposed to being true to my style becasue it is rather over thought than just made.
However , drawing has gone really well I've had loads of ideas from thin line , watercolour , acrylic , gouache , block painting and looking at negative and positive space. I feel that I have created a real range of drawings within my sketchbooks so far.
After my tutorial with Jill I need to start thinking about pulling my reasources and drawings together to create a final collection ready for printing on Tuesday ... eeek.

I think the above snapshots taken on my phone show the versatility within my sketchbooks this project and display that I have been researching from many different angles.