Pensthorpe and Wildlife Nature Reserve - Wild Flowers for my Textile Project

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pensthorpe is a nature reserve near Fakenham in Norfolk. It has loads of amazing birds and ducks as well as a huge selection of wild flowers. Since my project is on wildflowers I went there to get some photographs to work from. Unfortunately the wildflower meadow was pretty bleak at this time of year so I was slightly limited with what I could capture. I am definitely going to return in the summer when more flowers are out.
However the shots I got are lovely and give me enough imagery to work from teamed along side my images from magazine/books/ internet sources.
I feel this week I have been really slow on doing my sketchbook work. I am really doubting my ability in textiles and it's getting me a bit down. Hopefully I will feel a bit more inspired this week.

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