A Meeting at the Publishers

Thursday, 24 April 2014
Last week I went to a meeting at Art Angel Cards in Norwich . It was really instreresting hearing what they had to say about art and channeling it for cards / gift wrap and postcards. They have loads of amazing artists which they work with and I felt really honoured that they let me in for the meeting. The majority of their artists are printmakers with some painters and illustrators. I particularly liked Emily Suttons work especially her new collection they have available on their website.
 They are a lovely company run by Chris and Judy from the centre of Norwich. They offer internships to illustration and design for publishing students which is really useful to know. You can find their cards in a range of places throughout the country so if your visiting Liberty of London or Foyles keep your eyes peeled.

To view their cards please visit their website : www.art-angels.co.uk
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