STEW Gallery - Third Year Exhibition

Monday, 17 March 2014

I went to the third year textiles exhibition at the STEW gallery in Norwich. It was really interesting to see what other years are producing on my course and to see the competition. There was such a range of textiles work and the majority were printed textiles. There was an emphasis on mark making and felt that the year had been influenced by a previous student Katie Whitton which did make the exhibition feel abit samey.
I felt that everyone used colour really effectively and I need to be more confident with colour in my own work so I am going to use it in my BA6 unit this term.
What I learnt from the exhibition is that presentation is as important as the work itself , good work hung badly looks awful. Spending time on marketing and branding your textiles really does enhance your work and transforms work from 'student done in my bedroom' to 'professional'.

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