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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I am a huge burger fan. Not just any burger , I am a 'posh' burger fan. Yes , I admit that I am a burger snob .
Since GBK came to Norwich my boyfriend and I have been there ALOT. And we are never disappointed ! They have a varied menu with something to suit everyone with even salads for those on a diet. They use fresh ingredients and can make burgers to order so you really can have what you want! Made with 100% west country beef cooked to order ( usually perfectly medium ) they really are delicious. You also have the option to have you burger 'naked' ( without a bun) which comes with gorgeous mini salads which is a perfect guilt free option.
I always go with ' The Classic ' which is plain and simple ; 1 patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo and salsa in a burger bun. I don't see why you need to add all the extras . Accompanied by ' skin on fries' which are fresh double cooked fries with their skins still on which are amazing with the homemade garlic sauce. Make sure you take mints! All washed down with a Diet Coke in a glass bottle. Who doesn't love bottled coke?!
My boyfriend went for 'The Blue Cheese ' this time which consisted of the same ingredients as 'The Classic' plus either a blue cheese sauce or a slice. He went for the sauce and although a bit messy he finished it in about 30 seconds flat. He went for their signature 'skinny fries ' on the side . Which are super super super thin chips which are amazing with the Hei Hei salt they give you to have with them.

GBK have a great app where you can gather freebies and get a great student discount of 30% sunday - thursday.

If GBK did black cards I'd do anything to get one ! 

Well worth a visit.

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