Self Evaluation of BA6

Tuesday, 25 February 2014
I have had a really good term. I've really enjoyed the more hand on approach to having more self directed study time. I spent a lot of time in the print room experimenting with tecniques and really enjoyed it so so much!
I hated writing my essay ( no change there ) and wasn't so keen on Les's lectures !
Martyn ran so great drawing classes which built my confidence up with my drawing skills and this transferred throughout my work this term. Learning about tone and colour with Nick and Jill has been a real eye opener about the importance of colour in my work.


For Bradford.
I want to add more drawing to my boards and make sure ALL spacing is perfect! Ajust my sample fabric so the audience can see more of the design

For Silvary Threads.

Pick best scarf and reprint onto more expensive fabric ( after loan day) and hem for comp.
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