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Self Evaluation of BA6

Tuesday, 25 February 2014
I have had a really good term. I've really enjoyed the more hand on approach to having more self directed study time. I spent a lot of time in the print room experimenting with tecniques and really enjoyed it so so much!
I hated writing my essay ( no change there ) and wasn't so keen on Les's lectures !
Martyn ran so great drawing classes which built my confidence up with my drawing skills and this transferred throughout my work this term. Learning about tone and colour with Nick and Jill has been a real eye opener about the importance of colour in my work.


For Bradford.
I want to add more drawing to my boards and make sure ALL spacing is perfect! Ajust my sample fabric so the audience can see more of the design

For Silvary Threads.

Pick best scarf and reprint onto more expensive fabric ( after loan day) and hem for comp.

Scarves for Silvery Thread Competition

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I still need to hem them but I am so pleased with my little collection of scarves I have made . I need to choose a final one to enter into the competition.
I want to reprint it onto a nicer silk so it is a better quality .

Visuals for Bradford

Monday, 17 February 2014

I spent all day doing set ups around the house for my visuals . I then edited my photos on iPhoto on my mac before chossing the final ones for my board.
I can't wait till I can afford a camera to take better quality pictures with . I have a part time job so I am saving all my wages to put towards a camera.

Barney on my Dog Bed created with my fabric

Had to upload this quickly ! How cute does Barney the Jack Russell look on my dog bed ! He was so good at having his photo done for my work ! 

Visuals for my Bradford Textile Competition

I found it really hard to do my visuals as I had limited samples due to Neil washing off my screen ! This has really stressed me out for deadline so hopefully we will have the finals in time for hand in .

Creating my Final A2 Boards for Bradford Textiles Comp

Sunday, 16 February 2014
I have been looking at magazine layout in detail to analyse format and composition. I have been using InDesign to create my final boards and I am really proud of how they are coming together.
I still need to work on selecting the images and refine spacing / text .
Will Crisp really helped me to understand how to put together a board and the importance of presentation in my work.

No copyright intended on the images/photographs.

My Final Designs for Premiere Vision all Ready to Go!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

With a digital printer shortage I had to switch my method of printing for my final samples last minute. I am so glad I did as I feel the result is even better!
The colour is crisp and the line quality fantastic from my sublimation prints! I am so pleased they are all finally finished and in the suitcase ready to leave on Monday!
I have created a modern , hand painted twist on florals for S/S15 using a vibrant exciting colour pallet. I concentrated on petal shape and formed these through drawing with watercolour and goulash before editing on the computer to create my final designs. I found that layering was really effective and gave the feel of petals all falling on to each other.
I printed onto chiffon which worked really well as the print was visible from both angles and I felt the material was truly sympathetic to my line quality.

Fingers crossed the are liked at Premiere Vision!

Bradford Sampling

Monday, 10 February 2014

I am still working towards a final outcome for my bradford competition. I have been experimenting with colour and composition and have found getting the composition really hard and it is crucial for my outcome . So I am slightly stressing out about it . However by looking at my research in particular 'Thornback and Peel' ( my most influential designers for this project ) I am gaining inspiration to take into the print room with me.
These samples are tounge in cheek 'Fish and Chips ' using a potato plant and a cod fish. I think the concept is good but I need more contrast in the colour and definitely a lot more work with composition.

My First Sublimation Print - Petal - Premiere Vision Sampling

Tuesday, 4 February 2014