Screen Printing

Friday, 10 January 2014

Today I spent the day in the print room experimenting with my designs . I really wanted to get back into the workshops and getting my hands dirty . I was abit shakey to start with the consistency of the ink through the screen but soon got back into the way of it.
I mixed fired each sample pots with binder and water to create a vibrant underwater colour pallet from shades I'd found from my WGSN colour pallet for the project.
While I was printing my fish I started playing around with a stained open screen I loved the crackling effect . As it looked like a crashing wave. I played around squaring it off and layering them on top of each other to create tonal and textured samples.
During my afternoon printing I began to look at my fish and questioned what makes them eye catching? The mark making I am tempted to produced a screen just full of marks to play around with and test ideas moving away from the literal in my project.
I then went on to experiment on to linen which gave a really nice quality ( photos to follow ).
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