My Fish Drawings

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I started to do some drawings for my project. I know there is this formula where you should research and then draw from your findings but I wanted to get stuck in and start with some drawings so I could create a screen for screen printing from.
Last term I didn't do any workshop work and I felt really restricted on the computer towards the end and looking back I wish I'd had some use of the workshops ( even if it's only to create samples ). So that's why I am so keen to get started with the drawings to produce a screen to play around with.
I did the bottom drawing first of a 'codling' fish found off British waters near Great Yarmouth . I used a fine pen and really loved working with the line quality it produced . Using my knowledge of mark making to complete the composition of the work. However, since some of the pen lines are so fine I was worried that these wouldn't come out in a screen print.
So  for my second drawing ( the top one ) of a sea bass another fish found of the British coast I used a sharpie thick marker. So I know I will definitely get a result with the screen.
Out of the two I prefer my 'codling' drawing the line is more sympathetic to the species and it has a more interesting finish with the mark making.
It will be interesting to see the screen printed outcome.
My drawing style was highly influenced from Thornback and Peel designers.
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