My Bradford Competition Sketchbook Drawings

Thursday, 23 January 2014
I had a really good tutorial with my tutor today and she seemed to like where my work was going and loved some of my current prints - yay !
So moving forward with Bradford ( my seaside collection) I want to use different line qualities in my designs especially when transferring to screen to give me lots of qualities to work with. So this afternoon I have been playing with dip pen and ink and LOVING it ! It's a freeer flowing line and has a more natural presence about it apposed to my line drawing qualities.
I am now moving my drawings by introducing the idea of a background and foreground to push them into the design stages - adding spots /stripes or another effective mark making idea ! Yet to think of how it will actually be!
I really hate opening up my sketchbook to people as it's just a jumble of my brain on paper and I feel I want to explain how everything will be in the final design . So putting it on here without lengthy explanations is me being brave !
So here are some extracts from my initial drawing stages in my sketchbook, leave me comments and let me know your views!

1 comment on "My Bradford Competition Sketchbook Drawings"
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