Life Drawing Workshop

Monday, 6 January 2014
After our briefing we had a life drawing workshop with Martyn. It was my first time at this and I was quite nervous about drawing a real person in the flesh as I'm not great at proportions and drawing under pressure.
Martyn got us to think about line and shape and the differences between them which got me to think deeper about the marks I make and how collectively they create a drawing.
I used a range of tools from coloured pencil to thick sharpie markers experimenting with continuous/tonal and decisive line .
I found it really hard at the start and my drawings looked like a primary school child's however as Martyn explained how to use line more carefully and really look at the thing you are drawing my technique improved. The more decisive I was with the line the better the end result was.
I found the workshop a really good way to get back into my creative brain space and enjoyed the quick 3 minute drawing exercise. I came away from the workshop thinking about how when I am doing observational drawing to really look hard at what I am drawing and that NOTHING has a black line around it.
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