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Monday, 6 January 2014

Fishing off the Norfolk Coast

I was really inspired from a trip I took to the Great Yarmouth 'Time and Tide' museum in the summer to see the Alfred Wallis exhibition. The museum was full of relics from fishing across the eras and it was really interesting to explore how fishing methods have developed. 
The museum itself is in an old fish smoke house and the smell is still very much there today when you walk around. There were some exquisite paintings and models of boats as well as items found when fishing out at sea.

There was a special exhibition on of Alfred Wallis ( one of my favourite painters ). I admire is use of colour and how he creates such an atmosphere in his work with the way he uses his brush strokes. He's a cornish painter and didn't have a lot of money so painted on what he could find. His paintings have a lot of texture and grittiness which compliment the thick line and oil paints. Creating swirling seas and stormy scenes of cornwall with a particular focus of St Ives.

I want to create prints which are highly influenced by the sea and in particular the fishing trade. There are so many aspects to fishing and I think the textures and patterns naturally involved with it could lead to some really interesting outcomes.

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