BA5 Briefing - External Projects

Monday, 6 January 2014
Today we had our BA5 briefing with Nick and it looks like a really interesting term. I like having control of the direction of my work and making my own decisions.

DEADLINE = 21 FEB 2014

What I need to Submit :-

- 2 Live Competition Entries (finished to the standard thats stated in the competition briefs)
- 2 Sketchbooks ( inclu Contextual Research )
- Reflective Journal  ( which has market research relating to my context and designers who push the boundaries of textile design )
- Textile Design Report ( A 2,000 word report )

Key Things to Remember in my Work :-

- DEVELOPMENT throughout sketchbooks
- ANNOTATION make sure it's critical.
- QUALITY especially in my presentation of work


be the Bradford Textiles Competition & One other of your choice.

How I feel about BA5

Having been told the requirements I am quite excited about the project. Handling my own topic is something I enjoy as I can research something that really interests me.
Naturally I am dreading the 2,000 word report as I'm so rubbish at writing essays. I'm also slightly apprehensive about the project after the disaster of last term and the return of my panic attacks.
I am going to try and be a lot more critical with my annotations and not get behind with my blog PDP work as well.
It's really exciting the thought of the exposure I can gain at these competitions so it's important I use my time efficiently to produce my best work.
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