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My Bradford Competition Sketchbook Drawings

Thursday, 23 January 2014
I had a really good tutorial with my tutor today and she seemed to like where my work was going and loved some of my current prints - yay !
So moving forward with Bradford ( my seaside collection) I want to use different line qualities in my designs especially when transferring to screen to give me lots of qualities to work with. So this afternoon I have been playing with dip pen and ink and LOVING it ! It's a freeer flowing line and has a more natural presence about it apposed to my line drawing qualities.
I am now moving my drawings by introducing the idea of a background and foreground to push them into the design stages - adding spots /stripes or another effective mark making idea ! Yet to think of how it will actually be!
I really hate opening up my sketchbook to people as it's just a jumble of my brain on paper and I feel I want to explain how everything will be in the final design . So putting it on here without lengthy explanations is me being brave !
So here are some extracts from my initial drawing stages in my sketchbook, leave me comments and let me know your views!

Help with Floral Designs for my Competitions

Sunday, 19 January 2014

I'm finding it really hard to create effective floral designs, I found this really amazing video that gives me loads of different ways of creating them.
I love Liberty Fabrics and would love to work there in the future however I definitely need to master the floral designs first!

Brand New Print - First Multi directional - Yay!

Friday, 17 January 2014

So I scanned my drawings in and created this repeat print and I am so so happy with it ! Despite being in the initial stages ( I still need to play with colour ) I feel it is really effective !
Also this is the first time I have produced a multi directional repeat pattern so I am still learning.
This print is to be used in the interiors market for domestic cushions or curtains.
So many more tweaks to do but happy with my work so far.

Working towards Premiere Vision

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Today I have been in the print room experimenting with dyes and hand painting them to produce unique samples.
I really enjoyed the process and the results proved interesting. The line quality is great and with the right brushes could be improved.
I found getting the right colour difficult as they tended to be too dark but eventually got the result I was looking for.
My work was influenced by the designer Bluebell Gray and I did it by painting the dyes onto a screen and pulling the fixentant on top through the screen. By using a screen I got a sharper line quality and the dyes didn't bleed so much apposed to painting straight onto the fabric.

AVA Preparation & Collage

Monday, 13 January 2014

Today we had a workshop with Nick and prepared some artwork for AVA. We had to work with painted backgrounds we had prepared for the lesson and collage a portrait of a class mate accurately. We could only use paint to display light and dark contrasts not to add in detail.
I didn't really like the result as it was pretty unsophisticated and primary school like. In the group crit we all came to the conclusion that my work had tonal quality when we were working on block colour contrast.

Writing to reflect

Friday, 10 January 2014
Today we had a lecture on how to write/annotate reflectively. Which I have been struggling to do . I enjoy the practical side and building my portfolio but the actual writing side gets me down.
So Les our lecturer came up with some simple questions to ask yourself when doing critical analysis of your processes / work

- What happened?
- What was your role?
- What Feelings and perceptions surrounded the experience?
- How would you explain what happened to someone else ?
- What might this experience mean to your course?
- What other perspectives / theories / concepts could come from this situation?

I'd written this post for my own benefit , for me to come back to when I am annotating and remember how it should be done.

Screen Printing

Today I spent the day in the print room experimenting with my designs . I really wanted to get back into the workshops and getting my hands dirty . I was abit shakey to start with the consistency of the ink through the screen but soon got back into the way of it.
I mixed fired each sample pots with binder and water to create a vibrant underwater colour pallet from shades I'd found from my WGSN colour pallet for the project.
While I was printing my fish I started playing around with a stained open screen I loved the crackling effect . As it looked like a crashing wave. I played around squaring it off and layering them on top of each other to create tonal and textured samples.
During my afternoon printing I began to look at my fish and questioned what makes them eye catching? The mark making I am tempted to produced a screen just full of marks to play around with and test ideas moving away from the literal in my project.
I then went on to experiment on to linen which gave a really nice quality ( photos to follow ).

Laurie Hastings - A Mark Making Influence

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Laurie is an illustrator and printmaker based in London . Her interest lies in creating texture and pattern to create atmosphere . Something I want to achieve in my work.

Photoshop Fish

I scanned in my drawings and played around on photoshop producing different outcomes. I was thinking of doing squares of colour and adding my fish on top with the screen printing so I played with that concept digitally.
I feel the image is more effective in smaller scale. I think the overall composition would help from me researching seaweed/plants to add to the fish. I also need to find a colour pallet.

My Fish Drawings

I started to do some drawings for my project. I know there is this formula where you should research and then draw from your findings but I wanted to get stuck in and start with some drawings so I could create a screen for screen printing from.
Last term I didn't do any workshop work and I felt really restricted on the computer towards the end and looking back I wish I'd had some use of the workshops ( even if it's only to create samples ). So that's why I am so keen to get started with the drawings to produce a screen to play around with.
I did the bottom drawing first of a 'codling' fish found off British waters near Great Yarmouth . I used a fine pen and really loved working with the line quality it produced . Using my knowledge of mark making to complete the composition of the work. However, since some of the pen lines are so fine I was worried that these wouldn't come out in a screen print.
So  for my second drawing ( the top one ) of a sea bass another fish found of the British coast I used a sharpie thick marker. So I know I will definitely get a result with the screen.
Out of the two I prefer my 'codling' drawing the line is more sympathetic to the species and it has a more interesting finish with the mark making.
It will be interesting to see the screen printed outcome.
My drawing style was highly influenced from Thornback and Peel designers.


Monday, 6 January 2014

My best friend is at uni in Edinburgh and she told me about this beautiful shop called Anthropologie and it's amazing . They have a range of prices from affordable to extravagant and everything is in beautiful colours.
They use print and pattern to create interesting homewares, clothes and accessories. I am in love with all their ceramics and having recently bought my first house I had to buy some for special occasions.
I admire the use of colour against the wobble line quality of the pottery.
I want to connect line and colour more in my work so this is a good place to start to look at these qualities.

Visit :

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Thornback and Peel

Founded by Juliet Thornback and Delia Peel Thornback and Peel use traditional artistic methods to create intricate interiors for the home. Combining screen printing and drawing to produce their beautiful results.
Their simple designs but very effective and eye catching. I personally feel you don't have to have a lot going on for a design to be eye-catching ( my tutors would proberly disagree as they are forever telling me to add things to the background or work on colour ). But I feel these designs are pieces of art on interiors and not just one thing on a white apron ( how some people may view it ).

I am really interesting in having a go at screen printing I have done it a bit but I love the crisp line you can gain from it yet it still feels organic and traditional.
If I can produce some good drawings this is a great method for developing them and pushing them towards a design print.

Visit : to buy these lovely products

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I found Flock through twitter and it was co founded by Jenny Wingfield and Johanna Williams. It's an eclectic mix of recent graduate textile work for interiors. The collection uses fine quality linens and velvets which are digitally printed created in the UK. A process I am familiar in from my own work.

The style is very different from what I usually look at but I loved the innovative fresh design and the use of colour and shape in connection with each other within the work.
Since I am starting an interiors brief for Bradford I thought this would be a good place to gather some inspiration off other successful designers.

Visit : to see these gorgeous fabrics and to to buy them.

( No Copyright intended on the photographs- pictures from )

Bradford Textile Competition Brief

With the Bradford Textile Society Competition brief there are a wide array to chose from depending on your preferred practice in Textiles.
I am very much a printed textile designer for interiors so I have chosen to go for P2 Prestigious Textile Award. I will be designing a printed textile for interiors for the domestic market suitable for domestic curtains, cushions or blinds.

The Rules

- Drawn in Repeat
- No more than 16 colours
- Suitable for printing on to 54" Fabric by rotary screen method.


I need to investigate what common repeats are used in domestic interiors. I also need to look at what rotary screen method is.

BA5 Topic/Concept Idea

Fishing off the Norfolk Coast

I was really inspired from a trip I took to the Great Yarmouth 'Time and Tide' museum in the summer to see the Alfred Wallis exhibition. The museum was full of relics from fishing across the eras and it was really interesting to explore how fishing methods have developed. 
The museum itself is in an old fish smoke house and the smell is still very much there today when you walk around. There were some exquisite paintings and models of boats as well as items found when fishing out at sea.

There was a special exhibition on of Alfred Wallis ( one of my favourite painters ). I admire is use of colour and how he creates such an atmosphere in his work with the way he uses his brush strokes. He's a cornish painter and didn't have a lot of money so painted on what he could find. His paintings have a lot of texture and grittiness which compliment the thick line and oil paints. Creating swirling seas and stormy scenes of cornwall with a particular focus of St Ives.

I want to create prints which are highly influenced by the sea and in particular the fishing trade. There are so many aspects to fishing and I think the textures and patterns naturally involved with it could lead to some really interesting outcomes.

Life Drawing Workshop

After our briefing we had a life drawing workshop with Martyn. It was my first time at this and I was quite nervous about drawing a real person in the flesh as I'm not great at proportions and drawing under pressure.
Martyn got us to think about line and shape and the differences between them which got me to think deeper about the marks I make and how collectively they create a drawing.
I used a range of tools from coloured pencil to thick sharpie markers experimenting with continuous/tonal and decisive line .
I found it really hard at the start and my drawings looked like a primary school child's however as Martyn explained how to use line more carefully and really look at the thing you are drawing my technique improved. The more decisive I was with the line the better the end result was.
I found the workshop a really good way to get back into my creative brain space and enjoyed the quick 3 minute drawing exercise. I came away from the workshop thinking about how when I am doing observational drawing to really look hard at what I am drawing and that NOTHING has a black line around it.

BA5 Briefing - External Projects

Today we had our BA5 briefing with Nick and it looks like a really interesting term. I like having control of the direction of my work and making my own decisions.

DEADLINE = 21 FEB 2014

What I need to Submit :-

- 2 Live Competition Entries (finished to the standard thats stated in the competition briefs)
- 2 Sketchbooks ( inclu Contextual Research )
- Reflective Journal  ( which has market research relating to my context and designers who push the boundaries of textile design )
- Textile Design Report ( A 2,000 word report )

Key Things to Remember in my Work :-

- DEVELOPMENT throughout sketchbooks
- ANNOTATION make sure it's critical.
- QUALITY especially in my presentation of work


be the Bradford Textiles Competition & One other of your choice.

How I feel about BA5

Having been told the requirements I am quite excited about the project. Handling my own topic is something I enjoy as I can research something that really interests me.
Naturally I am dreading the 2,000 word report as I'm so rubbish at writing essays. I'm also slightly apprehensive about the project after the disaster of last term and the return of my panic attacks.
I am going to try and be a lot more critical with my annotations and not get behind with my blog PDP work as well.
It's really exciting the thought of the exposure I can gain at these competitions so it's important I use my time efficiently to produce my best work.

Happy New Year & A Fresh Start

Happy New Year !
This year I am hoping to be better at my blogging and stay on top of it instead of keeping all my notes inside my tiny little notebook. I want to keep my attendance up and work harder and not let my personal life get in the way this term.
I am looking forward to BA5 and BA6 and hopefully producing some good work that I am proud of.