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Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Recently I just haven't had the time to sit and do my blog , balancing a part time job , uni work and mid moving house is taking it's toll on my blogging time!
I originally set this up to promote my work and provide a place where I can do my PDP for my uni work. I have constantly been reviewing and refining in my sketchbook so haven't taken to doing it so much on here ( bad I know) so I am going to try my best to keep on top of it from now.

My recent Projects

Project One - Create a 3m Repeat Length Fabric Piece in groups and create 4 repeat prints of your own.

Ok, so my group project was going well with pictures on my blog and updating you all through the design process . However my sive brain and work got in the way and I missed the print day and well pissed my group off . Not so good. I also missed the crit as I had to be at work ! Pretty bad from me .

My 4 repeat prints have developed constantly and are still on going with my latest work concentrating on the birds feathers instead of the literal bird. I have started to contextualise the pieces and I'm pretty pleased with the outcomes so far . They are simple due to time but I like the results I am coming too.

Project Two - Norwich Scarf Project

We were asked to look at an aspect of Norwich that inspired us. I looked at the norfolk show ( there is a blog post on here back from the show with some great pictures ) . I wanted to create a motif , fun design and looked at competitors such as Joules who already create these fun designs. I am still investigating and pulling together my research , drawings and boards for assessment.
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