Drawing workshop with Nick

Tuesday, 8 October 2013
Yesterday after our introduction to the year and the first module ( BA4) we had a drawing workshop with Nick.
I really enjoyed being back in the studio and being creative. Everyone brought in objects and we passed them around the room as we made 2-8 minute drawings on them in a range of black implements. It was a really great exercise to get back into drawing and working at a good pace. We swapped drawing drew on top of each others and on top of our own creating really dynamic texturised and layered drawings.
We then went on to section pieces of our work and add textures in the form of dots,stripes,spots,sploges and black fill . It made a foreground and background and our drawings became really detailed and intricate as well as eye-catching.
Nick showed us how to draw in repeat by making a drawing on A1 leaving 3cm at top and bottom ( the size of the screen we are using for the repeat pattern project). Then finding the most smooth route through the drawing to then cut and stick the two straight sides together. We had to make sure our design wasn't wider than 80cm in order to fit onto the screen as well.
Then we filled in the middle giving us a complete drawing ready to put into repeat.

Here are my drawings and then the end one is when I stuck it into repeat before connecting it in the middle.

This technique is the driving force for the repeat print project and I loved the drawing so much I went home and tried a few techniques in my sketch book. I stuck to textiles objects and implements.

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