Drawing our Group Repeat Print Pattern

Friday, 11 October 2013
Having had a drawing workshop with Nick we then went on to have a re introduction into the dye kitchen and print room. It was good to refresh our minds and as I joined late to the year I picked up some great tips and skills.

Creating Screen Print inks / Dyes
100g of binder to 1g of dye ( make paste with water)

My group then all got our drawings we had made in our sketchbook on the theme of textiles and photocopied them before sticking them together ti create our print on paper. It was interesting how all the different drawing styles worked together to create a flowing print we used the tape measure to add flow and the objects had a sharp feel as they zig zagged in direction through the piece giving it perspective through the whole piece. We played with scale as well as different mediums.

Working on our own drawings and photocopying meant that the drawings are well thought out and not rushed . I feel if we had left it to draw on the day we would have produced a rushed piece of work.

I really enjoyed working with Rose and Anita we all put equal effort into the drawings and decision of the layout . We worked really well as a group and I found that talking through the process of layout made me think deeper about how I lay things out in my own work.

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