Bluebell Grey - A Mark Making Influence

Monday, 14 October 2013
I was researching mark making artists and designers. I was thinking of artists that used purely just marks and didn't find a lot I liked.
However , I remembered from my internship that whilst I was at Decorex I met the lovely Carrie of Bluebell Grey.
Bluebell Greys work is fresh and vibrant and as a real youthful appeal whilst capturing the eye of a wide audience.
Fi's main influence is eclectic styles interprutated in watercolour and then manipulated on computer software.
I love the strong overlaps in her work and the colour pallet is beautifully delicate yet striking.

There is a great video on her website call ' The Bluebell Grey Way' which shows her design process very quickly.

I experimented in my sketchbook with water colour on paper and then on to linen I loved painting onto the linen as the colours bled into each other creating a more flowing and whole design. The paper based image was very stiff and the white background was a little heavy compared to the muted linen tonal quality.

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