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A Pretty Weed

Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Through my exploration of rural Norwich I looked at weeds as a thing of beauty rather than a pest . I came up with these watercolour designs and scanned them in and put them into repeat on photoshop. Despite being discouraged from using a white background , I love the result. The watercolours give it a delicate edge and the plants work well together to form a design.

I don't want to create a floral as I feel they are over done so this is my rural take on a rural floral print.

Photoshop Manipulation

The aim of this project is to form a digital response using digital mediums . So I have taken to doing a lot of sketchbook drawings and then scanning them into photoshop and manipulating them into repeat designs.
I havent looked at colour yet so at the moment I am just being really experimental! So don't judge me on the colour.

I don't want to rush the design process but all my experimentation is taking place digitally because the end product is a digital response.


Here are a few extracts from my sketchbook I am working on concentrating on rural Norwich for my scarf design.

I'm really enjoying using pen , ink and watercolour to create my work .

Busy Busy Bee

Monday, 28 October 2013
I have been so busy these past couple of weeks balancing a job , uni and buying my first house with my boyfriend. It's certainly been very stressful!
And I am so behind on my blogging and work , I don't think I will do that well this term which is a shame!

However I am into Project 2 of BA4 where we have to design a scarf about Norwich.
I have chosen to look at Norwich as a rural city and the farming influences on the city. As I am currently living in a caravan in the norfolk countryside it made sense to do something on my door step.
The fact I don't have direct access to the internet or modern technology as meant that my drawing as been pushed and is getting better and better.

This is the first time I have had access to  a computer and have a lot of 'back posts ' to do which I have been documenting in my notebook. These are of my influences and inspiration.

However here is my first design on photoshop I've called it Lakeland Bright as it's a Lakeland terror. It would work really well as a fun womenswear scarf design for that high end country look.

Drive for my Own Four Repeat Designs

Monday, 14 October 2013
Having handed in our Kodatrace as a group and with the dyeing and printing left to do I turned my attention to my own designs.
I recently went to London and visited the V&A , The Natural History Museum, Buckingham Palace Gardens and Berwick Street Fabric Shops.

I saw the pelicans and swans in the Buckingham Palace Gardens and thought they were so magnificent and regal . I was surprised and intrigued by their elegance and power against the calm waters and greenery in the city centre.
I was so surprised to come away from my trip being inspired by birds in such an urban environment.
I really enjoyed the Club Catwalk exhibition I went too with two NUA students but didn't feel inspired as it was so fashion based and I love interiors rather than fashion!
My real influence came from my sketches at The Natural History Museum. The life-size mammals are amazing but I was captured by Gould's Hummingbird exhibit. The colours the shape and form of the bird was beautiful. I started sketching as my phone had died by the time we got there and I was unable to take any photographs. My two friends are emailing me some for my work so I can refresh my memory.
I have used these photographs and sketches as my starting point for my repeat print designs.

Bluebell Grey - A Mark Making Influence

I was researching mark making artists and designers. I was thinking of artists that used purely just marks and didn't find a lot I liked.
However , I remembered from my internship that whilst I was at Decorex I met the lovely Carrie of Bluebell Grey.
Bluebell Greys work is fresh and vibrant and as a real youthful appeal whilst capturing the eye of a wide audience.
Fi's main influence is eclectic styles interprutated in watercolour and then manipulated on computer software.
I love the strong overlaps in her work and the colour pallet is beautifully delicate yet striking.

There is a great video on her website call ' The Bluebell Grey Way' which shows her design process very quickly.

I experimented in my sketchbook with water colour on paper and then on to linen I loved painting onto the linen as the colours bled into each other creating a more flowing and whole design. The paper based image was very stiff and the white background was a little heavy compared to the muted linen tonal quality.

No copyright intended on images

Working on to the Kodatrace for Final Design

Friday, 11 October 2013
Today we worked onto our Kodatrace tracing our main design on to one piece before adding the mark making onto another.
The design really came together and looked really good by the time we had finished. The contrast of line qualities and mark making made a busy and layered textile desk feel which is what we were aiming to create . The marks relate to stitch qualities as well as layered textures to create a dynamic eye catching piece.

Working on Kodatrace remember - work on to matte side.

Combining Mark Making and Colour

Looking at images of coral in fashion and in interiors online, books and magazines . I wanted to think about how this would translate with make making . I felt the colour pallets associated with coral were very warm , hot and had a middle eastern feel.
They reminded me of a Moroccan tile stand I had seen at Decorex whilst on my internship in September. The intricate patterns and marks against the vibrant colours made for an interesting and rich detailed effect.

Colour Inspiration

We decided as a group that we wanted to chose a bright vibrant background as we felt this was an advantage in past years looking at their work. We all fell in love with a coral sample we found in the print room and have booked the Dye Kitchen next Tues to dye our fabric as well as create our samples.

Below are some images I have found online that put coral into context . I find with coral it's hard to pin point as it changes in different colour charts from being mainly pinky to orangey.
I also cut out magazine cuttings into my sketchbook for more ideas of coral in context.

No Copyright intended on these images.

Drawing our Group Repeat Print Pattern

Having had a drawing workshop with Nick we then went on to have a re introduction into the dye kitchen and print room. It was good to refresh our minds and as I joined late to the year I picked up some great tips and skills.

Creating Screen Print inks / Dyes
100g of binder to 1g of dye ( make paste with water)

My group then all got our drawings we had made in our sketchbook on the theme of textiles and photocopied them before sticking them together ti create our print on paper. It was interesting how all the different drawing styles worked together to create a flowing print we used the tape measure to add flow and the objects had a sharp feel as they zig zagged in direction through the piece giving it perspective through the whole piece. We played with scale as well as different mediums.

Working on our own drawings and photocopying meant that the drawings are well thought out and not rushed . I feel if we had left it to draw on the day we would have produced a rushed piece of work.

I really enjoyed working with Rose and Anita we all put equal effort into the drawings and decision of the layout . We worked really well as a group and I found that talking through the process of layout made me think deeper about how I lay things out in my own work.

Drawing workshop with Nick

Tuesday, 8 October 2013
Yesterday after our introduction to the year and the first module ( BA4) we had a drawing workshop with Nick.
I really enjoyed being back in the studio and being creative. Everyone brought in objects and we passed them around the room as we made 2-8 minute drawings on them in a range of black implements. It was a really great exercise to get back into drawing and working at a good pace. We swapped drawing drew on top of each others and on top of our own creating really dynamic texturised and layered drawings.
We then went on to section pieces of our work and add textures in the form of dots,stripes,spots,sploges and black fill . It made a foreground and background and our drawings became really detailed and intricate as well as eye-catching.
Nick showed us how to draw in repeat by making a drawing on A1 leaving 3cm at top and bottom ( the size of the screen we are using for the repeat pattern project). Then finding the most smooth route through the drawing to then cut and stick the two straight sides together. We had to make sure our design wasn't wider than 80cm in order to fit onto the screen as well.
Then we filled in the middle giving us a complete drawing ready to put into repeat.

Here are my drawings and then the end one is when I stuck it into repeat before connecting it in the middle.

This technique is the driving force for the repeat print project and I loved the drawing so much I went home and tried a few techniques in my sketch book. I stuck to textiles objects and implements.

First Day Back

Yesterday was the first day back at Uni. We were introduced to our new brief for BA4 which has two project in one.
The first project is a group project where we will create a repeat pattern length using screenprint and dyeing techniques.The second project is to create a scarf on research about Norwich and what interests us about the city.
I am mainly concentrating on ideas for the first project at the moment but keeping my eye open for ideas for the scarf project at the same time as I go about the city.

Cushions and Custom Cushions on Sale

Saturday, 5 October 2013
I've turned my hand to making cushions , I have sourced fabrics from London and the Norwich area. However I am hoping once I get my own fabrics printed I will be using them as well.
If you want any cushions making and have fabric already bought I can do that as well.

Small Decorative Cushion (30X30)- £20
Medium Decorative Cushion ( 35X35) - £32
Cushions with your own fabric provided will be - £15+

( Please not Postage and Packaging is not included in the above price )
A range of backs from envelope seal to ribbon ties or zips , you can choose. Pillows can either be Polyester or Duck Feather.

All enquires to :

Above is Small Decorative Cushion using Cath Kidston printed roses.

Above is Medium in Grey Stripe and Small in Cath Kidston printed roses and Grey Spot.