Polly Rowan

Sunday, 29 September 2013
Amoungst the maddness of woring at Decorex I recieved the most helpful email from my favorite blogger...Polly Rowan of arowantree blog. She has recently graduated and keeps a really interesting blog about textiles,lifestyle and influences it's where I always go when I start new projects for inspiration. So recieving an email off her was pretty exciting.
I asked her a million question about creating a good blog and gathering a following and she gave me so so many useful hints and tips . But mainly I need to invest in a really good camera and edit my pictures so they are more interesting and appealing. So as soon as I have saved enough I am buying a good camera.

Polly's Blog :  http://arowantree.blogspot.co.uk
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  1. I only just noticed this post - thanks for the mention :)
    I'm glad the email was helpful! Good luck with everything.