Internship Day 2

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Had another fantastic day working for Sarah Hardaker! I learnt about putting together samples, postcard packs and organising pattern books ...all the things you need for a trade show.

It was a really great eye opener , although I won't be doing anything like Decorex like Sarah for a good few years it made me think about presentation for my degree show and my work in general.
I'm definitely going to invest in a rotary cutter for cutting samples and I'd really like some wooden hangers to create waterfall hangers of my work with my name engraved on the hanger. I feel these elements will make my work have a more professional feel. I'm also going to take a lot more care photographing my work so I would invest in some lovely postcards for my degree show.

Sarah also made me the delicious lunch in the photo. Couldn't resist not putting it on here! 

Sarah also gave me a great idea to stay in contact with people in industry ...sending Christmas cards with my work on them and giving them invites to my degree show in the post with some of my postcards / mini samples!

I have had a lot of ideas today and feel really motivated to get back in the studio when uni starts!

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