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10 Thing's I have learnt in 10 Months of Motherhood

Saturday, 28 April 2018

1. Who said at 6 months they start going through the night? Apologies to the pregnant lady reading this but that is utter bullshit.

2.  Children are like fine wines or cheeses oooft they get better with age...roll on the day he can use the toilet by himself.

3. Instagram tells porkies. Motherhood is 4 day old greasy hair, jam stained joggers and snot stained tops. All the glam all the time!

4.  Your faith in sisterhood is restored! The love and TMI details shared in a circle of mum's is real.

5. You may not want to but you will start to talk with a ring to your voice whenever and whoever you talk to. How annoying right?!

6. Remember that really annoying relative at Christmas who would continuously say "oh haven't you grown" "oooh you have changed so much"...this will be you. But really it is astonishing how these babies become little people oh so quickly.

7. Breast or Bottle? No one gives a shit and the ones that do tell them to shove off #fedisbest

8. Babies are ill and you will google the symptoms. Don't believe google.

9.Meal times are a battle, they want to throw everything around or just not open their mouths. Que Peppa Pig on the laptop and a packet of quavers.

10. You know best! 

Ickworth House, Suffolk

Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Power of Love For Under £100

Sunday, 11 February 2018

With V Day round the corner I have popped together a few of my fave gift ideas to either hint at your other half or surprise a girlfriend with ! Whether your celebrating Valentine's Day or GALentines day I've got you covered ! Here are my hot picks for this Valentine's Day all under £100

3. It's not all about a sexy night slip, cosy on down in these silky VS Pjs perfect for movie night's in ! £71.38

4. Something to wear that lasts into summer ! For those thinker-aheaders... £16.00

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

I want to talk today about how becoming a mum can affect your confidence. The unknown does weird and wonderful things to us,oh and throw in a cocktail of hormones and your once organised gym honed self is now one messy Margaret (no hard feelings to any body called Margaret). However, in amongst all this chaos I somehow managed to find a new found confidence. Don't get me wrong I wasn't one of those mamas who had it sorted from the get go it's taken at least 6 months but dare I say it I'm finally finding my feet with it are my best tips for finding your mum-fi-dence!

1. Join a group
I was that mum who dreaded the groups, feeling as if they are already fully fledged mamas and I really had no idea what day of the week it is let alone how to attend to every need of my new little bean. Despite a shakey start at a breastfeeding group (a story for another day) persistence paid off and what I found is that most people are in the same boat and there is a great network of mothers who help you along the way.So trall the internet, get in touch with your local children's centre and church groups you never know who you may meet!

2. Stop giving a Shit
The moment I stopped being embarrassed at buying a box of formula because I was failing with the breastfeeding or pulling out my wipes instead of the cool boiled water and cotton wool and realised that a lot of people where doing the same I relaxed into my new role. Toss the handbook out the window and do it your way and anyone that judges can do one. If you want to use your best mac lipstick and spend precious nap time to curl your hair for half an hour then sod it who is judging?

3. YOU know YOUR Baby Best
Yes that may seem like a simple one but sometime we ponder on other peoples advice when really our gut is telling us otherwise. But you get those "they've done it all before they must know better" feels, and yes they may have done it 1,2 or even 3 times before but they haven't done it with your baby so there best sleeping tips might not be right for you and your baby. So as soon as you except you know your little one best the easier the ride becomes and the guilt eases (a little).

4. Be You
Guess what under all those layers of projectile vomit,snot and shit your still the person you were before birthing small human on to this planet! It's easy to forget You and yes this is coming from a girl who has not been 'up the city' for herself in 7 months but it's important to make time for yourself and do things for you. I find that a good glass of prosecco with the girls and a baby free chin wag means I come at my mummy role with fresh eyes (if I've managed to stick to the one glass). What I want to say is it's refreshing to be you!

It's Smear-ly Nothing But Means Alot

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

I was shitting myself about my first smear. Yes, I may have had a baby on eight months ago and undergone a whole host of prods and probes in the process but something about being scraped, scratched and smeared just freaked me out.

With this post I want to put to bed all your smear fear as really ladies it is a mere tickle. There are no large metal scraping implements (as I had dreamt up the in the week leading up to the test) it is just a teeny tiny silicon pastry brush that tickles the top of the cervix. It feels like you need a wee for all of 2 seconds, don't worry you won't actually wee! I have the weakest bladder out there so I would know if it was going to cause some sort of Tena lady moment.

And with that it's over... simples. I wish that I had known how easy and as far as these things go uninvasive the test would be. So , I hope this short but sweet post helps you break your smear fear and book in that test, preventing cancer is so important and if you don't go you just never know.

Smear testing is offered to women aged 25-64 in England, United Kingdom. When you hit 25 you will have a letter come through to remind you to book it in as well as a booklet of information. If you get to 25 and you haven't recieved the information contact your local GP.

As I am in no way medically trained this is just an account of my personal experience, if you have any real questions about cervical screening then head over to the NHS website

Antenatal support

Sunday, 28 January 2018

When I began this venture into motherhood I had a complete phobia of hospitals, even saying the word made my palms sweat. So, finding myself pregnant I knew this meant an abundance of appointments with some undoubtedly at the hospital not to mention the big day.
So I looked for an alternative for coping with the pain and my medical phobia. This is when my midwife suggested Hypnobirth (available on the NHS in Norfolk, which is fab). Immeadiatly all I could think of is those awful smelling insense, wide legged trousers that everyone who's been to Thailand own, and my mum's earth loving friend with hairy armpits. Who once took all my street cred away with one big wave at my local swimming baths when I was about 14.
However in fact I couldn't be more wrong what I found was not only coping strategies for labour but a network of women who I now meet up monthly with to discuss,moan and giggle about this journey called motherhood.
Finding support at antenatal gave me such confidence just the back up of another opinion (in our case 5 others) makes you feel like your doing the right thing. We have talked all things breastfeeding,bottle feeding,poo,sleep and all the other cliche mothering topics but my god what a support it has been! Forget the health visitor and her text book advice (don't completely forget her but you get my jist) the real helping hand come in the form of other women in similar situations.
So if your about to pop, found out your newly pregnant take up those cringy parenting classes where you squeeze knitted boobs and hold up photos of ring worm because I can tell you the support and advice from the fellow knitted boob squeezers is invaluable and has saved my sanity on many occasions!

Holiday in your own County

Thursday, 11 January 2018

A common misconception when you go to book a holiday is that you are looking to "go away" when infact what you are looking for is to put your feet up and get away from your everyday.

So with that in mind we are holidaying within our own County of Norfolk. With a not very well travelled a six month old, a mama going solo and a car packed to the brim it was with great comfort that I knew we only had about a 40 minute drive till we were on our holidays.

My mum treated us to a beautiful cottage in Holt by Barefoot Retreats which had all the mod cons as well as very instagramable decor, white fluffy robes and the most comfortable beds I have ever stayed in!  Gone where the mundane tasks of hoovering,washing and cooking replaced with great restaurants round the corner and freshly turned down sheets all on my door step.

Holt is a beautiful town in Norfolk with a great array of shops and eateries including a personal fave Byfords Cafe (it's a must go if your here). Only 5 miles from the stunning North Norfolk coast and seal trips at Blakeny it really does offer town,country and seaside in one luxurious package! 

So take the stress out of the great get away and start seeing what's round your corner....