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Pregnancy ...Why Did No One Tell Me?

Thursday, 2 March 2017

We took a few days off for some much needed rest and relaxation on the North norfolk coast, which was amazing. We stayed in a flint cottage a stones throw from the beach and trawled the coastline eating scones, ice-creams and fish & chips. Proper British!!

But our trip was cut short due to the return of morning (all day) sickness, it just makes you feel like crap! And low and behold it can (and seems to) come back in the third trimester. Despite not quite being in the third trimester yet it seems to have reared it's ugly head. 
I'm stocking up on ginger nuts, ginger and lemon teas and some peppermint sweets to combat the symptoms!

I also have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow where I will discuss everything with her.

I would love to know any returning or new symptoms that you found came to you in the latter part of pregnancy! Let me know in the comments below!

Sorry for the shorter post, I wanted to share a few photos from our trip and let you know why there isn't a 'full on' post about the break!

Lots of Love

Lazy Girl Pancakes

Monday, 27 February 2017

I wish I could sit here and write the next best vegan pancake recipe that I have casually whipped up in my kitchen overnight. Unfortunately not, life is just going too quick at the moment what with 15 weeks until our baby arrives, juggling work, social life and midwife appointments it's turning into a bit of a whirlwind... not too mention starting to decorate our nursery!
So here's pancake day, and I wanted to share with you my quick,easy and favourite pancake topping! Strawberries!! I've added a sprinkling of melted white chocolate but if you wanted to make it a little healthier you could swap this out for some low fat yoghurt (just as good and half the calories I'm sure).
Grab a packet of your favourite style pancakes - heat them through and your ready to rock'n'roll!

Pancake Day marks the start of lent where it's tradition to give something up (usually chocolate). For me being a pregnant hormonal mess I know that will be impossible this year so I have opted to start doing somthing new ... I want to walk 10,000 steps a day until easter day, at least that way I will be burning off the calories.

Let me know what your taking on or giving up this lent in the comments below or over on my twitter @hollybobbinblog or instagram @hollybobbinblog

Hitting the Nursery Slopes....The Ski-Essentials #MarkWarnerMum

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

So with all the baby moon planning it has got me thinking about holidaying once the little man arrives and to be honest it had me striking off every kind of holiday we love doing...UNTILL I came across Mark Warner Holiday's website.

Tom and I are avid skiiers and have been going every year since forever, but with a new baby arriving early summer I kind of hadn't thought past his arrival and I definitely thought the skiing days where on pause for at least the next five years. How wrong I could be! Mark Warner holidays seem to have everything covered from in chalet creches with British nannies who even cover the ski school drop off and collection for when they are a little older and for the littelies they have one nanny to every two babies your little ones will not have their routine broken! This also gives us adults a chance for some child free slope action with peace of mind that they are in good care!

So here are my Top 10 Ski-ssentials For a Great Child friendly Time!

1. Muddy Puddles Baby Ski-suit 
An essential for keeping the little one warm and toasty in the snowy scenery, and who doesn't love an extra cute print.

2. JoJo Maman Bebe Pocket High Chair

The perfect packable go anywhere highchair, straps on to most dining chairs so is perfect for travelling and dining in all your fave spots.

3. Eucerin Sun Protection 50+

Despite the frosty air the sun is strong up the mountains so this Eucerin sensitive 50+SPF is perfect for all the family.

4.  LittleLife Adventure Carrier

Uneven terrain and peaking mountains means that sometime the pushchair is just a no go for all those other times the Littlelite Adventure Carrier is perfect. Just pop them on your back, easy to use and lets be honest they will be getting some pretty awesome views.

5. Moon Boots For Mumma

Pram pushing and baby wearing means that there is a lot of on foot action going on for mum and dad. A pair of snow boots is essential for keeping a tight grip and complete comfort when wondering the icy paths of the mountains.

6. Cybrex Priam All Terrain with The Ski Adapters 

Take your pushchair from quaint ski towns to flying down the slopes with the amazing Cybrex Priam and ski adapters. This nifty little gadget allows the pushchair to be converted into your own little snowmobile.



7. Your Little One's Favourite Toy to make them feel at Home

For those times you drop them off with Mark Warner's experienced nannying team it's always worth having a little home comfort to make them feel at ease.

Jellycat Penguin

8. Polarn O. Pyret Baby Ski Thermals

Build up layers for ultimate warmth in those freezing conditions. Polarn O. Pyret have a great range of unisex options.

9. Baby Sunglasses complete with Strap

With strong UV rays it's important to not forget to protect their eyes, always choose a pair with a strap to avoid them getting lost or dropped!

10. Johnsons Moitorising Baby Bath Soak

Going in and out the cold is harsh on our skin so choose a moitorising bath soak for the perfect end to any little ones day.

Planning a Baby Moon

Monday, 13 February 2017

So with the big day only 17 weeks away I thought it was about time I looked at a getaway for me and the man for some real quality time before we enter sleepless nights and carting everything barr the kitchen sink out with us!

I scoured pinterest and the look of idyllic tropical beaches with fresh coconuts looks amazing and a dose of sunshine would definitely not go a miss. However, with the growing list of expensive baby parafinalia, tropical islands are out the budget! So I have started searching a little more close to home. 

Websites such as Thomson, Last as well as Ryanair and Air BnB offer some fantastic budget breaks to Europe. I am that if we decide to fly off somewhere I will choose a city that would be all rather tricky with a pushchair somewhere like Budapest, Venice or Barcelona are up there on my list of destinations. 

Another option is to stay close to home and explore some of the Great British Coastline, I live in Norfolk so the beaches are close by and there are some great offers on cottages especially in the winter season. Although I know we will do a lot of exploring of Great Britain once the mini arrives, there is something nice about doing it all at your own pace!

As you can see I am still stuck on what to book, so please leave me ideas in the comments as well as where you have been on your baby moons?


Bonding with your Bump

Friday, 10 February 2017

An instagram feed full of size 6 bikini models and continuous gym selfies from everybody's 'new year's' kick, teamed with segregating your wardrobe into what you can and can't fit into, even the most body confident women struggle with adapting to the growing stomach and pound piling on that goes on with pregnancy.
And I certainly am no different! As I folded away my skinny jeans and size 8 LBDs all I could think is 'will I ever get back into any of my wardrobe'. Growing a life is a beautiful and amazing time and is such a blessing it's such taboo to even suggest that you may fall out of love with your body shape. But not only are you looking curvier those pesky hormones can sometime just make you feel CRAP! I want to let you know that you are not alone if you feel like this. As my cardio and weight lifting gym routine is a distance memory and I now take leisurely swims, I sure as hell don't feel as strong and good as I used too.
I have been working on loving my new found shape and those little kicks and knocks make it all worth while. It's only 9 months and then this amazing journey is over and I am over halfway now so it really is time to embrace those lumps, bumps and rounded tummy!

My Top Tips for Embracing The Belly

1. Do NOT Compare your Bump
The temptation to look at celebrity mums and pinterest pics to see if your bump is rounding/hanging and showing just like 'everyone elses' is all too much. But we are all different and this is YOUR journey and YOUR baby! And guess what next time you may show completely different ....

2.Follow Mums on Insta
Looking at all those amazing newborn first snaps will melt your heart, and make the excitement of meeting your bundle of joy even more exciting !!

3. Buy a Bodycon Dress & The Oversized Roll Neck
Like when your not pregnant you'll have confident and unconfident days so buy that tight fitting 'LOOK AT ME I'M PREGNANT' dress and the oversized roll neck jumper (in 4 sizes bigger than I am) for the days you want to cosy up and not have every Tom, Dick and Harry touching your blossoming bump.

All About The First Trimester

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I wanted to share my experiences through the first trimester of pregnancy, as it may help some of you who are at a similar stage and be reassuring if you are experiencing similar symptoms. I have broken this post down into week by week sections, to be honest some weeks where very similar so I have paired them together.

Week 4 - Week 5

The shock and excitement really didn't settle in for a good few weeks so I spent most of weeks 4 and 5 in a state of shock and a state of daydreaming about my new life unfolding. A part of me thought 'Have I made the right decision? Is this the right time? Is this what I really want?' and trust me it is completely normal to have those moments of self-doubt in the first few weeks, especially being a younger mum and having a Facebook timeline of travelling photos, engagements and drunken nights out from my peers. But you have to remember everybody is different and your twenties have such a span of different going ons for different people and this is totally the right choice for me.
I felt amazing that I was blessed to be pregnant and nothing changed too much I kept my gym routine up, my appetite did increase but I kept it relatively healthy so I was not too bothered and I felt overwhelmed with love and happiness. I also called my GP and booked my first Midwife appointment for Week 8, which gave me something to look forward to and count towards.

Week 6 - Week 9

Ok, so keeping up the gym routine and healthy eating stopped at Week 5. Come week 6 and I was lucky to get a ginger nut and a water biscuit down me. The morning sickness had begun! I couldn't function not only did EVERYTHING make me feel sick I was exhausted and most days could not get out of bed. I spent weeks laying on the sofa watching back to back movies and even some of those made me feel sick (so odd but seeing a plate of fries or ice-cream on a screen was enough to tip me over the edge). I also was off work, which made me miserable I felt so alone and isolated as we had not told anybody. As I was off work for so long we felt it was only right to send a confidential email to the correct people so they knew I didn't have severe skive-itis, everyone was so supportive and it actually helped to get me back to work quicker as I knew that if I was feeling crap I could just go home.
I have to say that this was proberly the lowest point in my pregnancy so far, I felt so poorly and nothing made me feel any better. I was over emotional, lonely and had to constantly pretend to friends and family that I was fine and had 'just got in from work/shopping/gym session. I ended up calling the doctors and ordering getting some anti-sickness which did really help me!
Week 8 I had my booking appointment which made everything seem really real, I met my midwife who was so lovely! Had a few blood tests, answered a lot of questions and asked a hell of a lot more. I even had to decide where I wanted to deliver the baby (yes this early on) but that's a whole other blog post. I felt really supported by the system and excited to receive my letter for our scan date!

Week 10 - Week 12

I was lucky enough to start to feel back to my normal self between weeks 10 -12 and started to enjoy my pregnancy despite still feeling very tired. A small bump started to show which meant the whole thing started to feel real! As for the scan at 12 weeks it was amazing to see this teeny tiny baby kicking and punching inside me even though I couldn't feel anything. It was the most amazing experience ever!

So on to the second trimester ...

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Sharing Our Secret...

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

We are so excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby in June 2017. There will be lots of pregnancy/baby related posts to come so hop on board our journey into parenthood.